Colour Changing Surakav Bird Cost is 25 Lakhs

Colour Changing Surakav Bird Cost is 25 Lakhs.

The world is full of amazing creations, already many things are proved. Surakav is a small bird generally found in North America, it is most popular to change the colour in every second.

Surakav bird has an amazing nature like a chameleon; the average length of Surakav is 10 CM male birds are little larger than female birds. It can moves its head. It Cost high Price.

The male hummingbirds flash their colours for sexual selection Surakav Birds can fly up to 130 feet height, it egg takes nearly 16 days’ time for hatching to make a baby bird. Baby Surakav birds are taking around 20 days’ time to fly. Surakav consumes like insects, tree sap, nectar, etc. it is also known as Anna’s hummingbird.

Surakav Hummingbirds

The Surakav bird is a species of bird.

Surakav is a very expensive bird as per market value; the estimated amount is 25 Lakhs In rupees as per Indian currency. Surakav bird is a type of hummingbird, Surakav bird bird removes the dust, rainwater and pollen from the body by performing very fast shakings, nearly 55 times per second.

Male Surakav bird more active than female one, inbreeding time male one sings very nicely for attracting the female Surakav.

Photographers spending a lot of time to recording the colour changes of Surakav bird. These birds feed on nectar from flowers using their expandable tongue. They also consume insects.

Surakav HummingbirdsThe bird actually does not change its colour but, it seems to change colour when we see it from different angles under sunlight. When this bird under the sun rays automatically it’s shining is increased along with that Surakav outer structure and feathers help the colour changing mechanism. Without sunlight, it looks dull brown and grey.

Surakav has a huge rate in the market as per country.

As per Indian currency Surakav rate is 25 lakhs but it availability very less. Due to the radiation and deforestation, the bird’s population will be decreased rapidly. Every country must take care of the birds.

Our World is Filled With Full Of Creations. Our Planet has millions of Different Species. Surakav Bird is one of the most amazing creations of the world.



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