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Its about how to look fit and make a good figure without leaving food.
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A healthy lifestyle is one which helps to keep and improve your health and well-being.
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Liver is a strong part of the body. Amazing to fix yourself in it. Ability. Most of...
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Now I am unsure about you, however, I find it so hard to diet plan and to drop weight. The...
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Nowadays, health is a major concern for the people of all age-groups. So, I'm going to tell 5 Important Health-Related...
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Health informatics studies the use of information technology to improve human health. As informaticists, we seek to reduce the gaps between current healthcare practices and our societal goals for better health and healthcare quality, safety, or cost. It is time to recognize health equity as one of these societal goals—a point underscored by this Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association Special Focus Issue, “Health Informatics and Health Equity: Improving our Reach and Impact.” This Special Issue highlights health informatics research that focuses on marginalized and underserved groups, health disparities, and health equity. In particular, this Special Issue intentionally showcases high-quality research and professional experiences that encompass a broad range of subdisciplines, methods, marginalized populations, and approaches to disparities. Building on this variety of submissions and other recent developments, we highlight contents of the Special Issue and offer an assessment of the state of research at the intersection of health informatics and health equity.
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It seems like everyone has their own routine of how to get glass skin – but the question is, does...
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Health is everything for life.
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Janmashtmi Fasting: Tips For Pregnant Woman For A Healthy Fasting vadic solution for pregnancy,health tips,mantras for pregnant women,mantras for healthy baby...
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Eat as much you like
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