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For centuries, foreign capital has been viewed negatively. Governments all over the world have indulged in propaganda that calls foreign capital a tool for enslavement of the people. The governments that did this propaganda had hidden agendas. They did not want to pay the debt that was incurred by their predecessors. The socialist government in Russia was a prominent example. They felt no obligation to pay back the debt incurred by their Tsarist predecessors and hence simply decided to confiscate the capital. The common knowledge related to foreign capital is therefore riddled with such misinformation. Foreign capital is in fact one of the best ways for developing countries to break the cycle of poverty and move forward in the economic realm. In this article, we will discuss some of the major advantages of foreign direct investment.
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In our endeavour to help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, we published lot of insightful business articles last year. I’ve...
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Since Instagram's inception, the platform has redfined social-media engagement. It is now the ultimate territory marketers set out to conquer,...
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Here it is shown a simple outline of what is business and how to do them properly so that you...
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Amazon has announced the Great Indian Festival to double Dussehra - Diwali
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15 Steps to Making Money Online With an Amazon Affiliate Site 1. Learn Basic HTML 2. Pick Your Niche 3. Set Up Your Web Hosting 4. Choose Your Domain Name 5. Register Your Domain Name 6. Install WordPress 7. Make It Pretty 8. Set Up Categories 9. Sign Up as an Amazon Associate 10. Create Your Blog Posting Bookmarks 11. Create Your Build-A-Link Bookmark 12. Build Your First Link 13. Blog Your Review 14. Build Out Your Affiliate Site 15. Promote Your Affiliate Site
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Real estate business is one of the most rewarding businesses. However, the experience of a real estate agent has a...
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Video content marketing is rising at a fast pace. 82% of the Twitter users watch videos in the app and...
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Real estate agents help people sell, buy, and rent properties. Working as a real estate agent is not easy, but...
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Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn a semi-passive income online. However, it can require a lot...
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