The German manufacturer of bicycles Canyon has presented to the market a new eBike that boasts a class A design and features to handle everything in harsh conditions: we talk about the Path lie: ON and its 5 variants.

This bike has been specially manufactured for trekking or mountain trekking days, although it also lets you know that it has the power and design for other conditions. Here we have the most important features.

With what features has Pathlie been presented: ON

Canyon-pathlite-on.jpg The first thing to comment on is the bicycle engine, which has the participation of Bosch with its Performance Line CX, mounted on the bottom bracket. This fundamental piece weighs only 2.9 kg and has an energy of 500 Wh to provide up to 75 Nm of torque (in the more expensive models a second 500 Wh battery is added to a down tube). The battery provides power to the LED display to show its charge, assistance level, and other data.

About autonomy, a range of up to 150 km is estimated with an average speed of 22 km / h and a cadence of 45 rpm (in a driver with a weight of 100 kg plus the weight of the bike). The initial weight of the eBike is 21 kg and increases to 27 kg.

The wheels of specific size is another of the highlights that the manufacturer presumes on this bike that arrives in five sizes, from XS to XL. Here we find 27.5 inches in the XS and S frames and 29 inches in the M, L, and XL.

Pathlite ON

In addition to this, we come across a Suntour XCR suspension fork with 100 mm of travel and locking. The above applies to a vertical driving position, thanks to being coupled to a set of alloy frames. As for the tires, some 57 mm wide Schwalbe G-One Allround stand out, designed to offer grip and a more comfortable ride.

Meanwhile, the brothers' most luxurious model boasts a rear rack that can carry up to 25 kg and also a Croozer tow point for additional cargo. Nor should we leave behind that the bikes of the greater range have a Supernova light system with front immersion light. This is controlled by a switch that can be located in a place where it is most comfortable.

Prices of all eBike Pathlite models: ON

Pathlite ON

Below we leave the price list of each of the variants of this electric bike that is already available for shipment:

- Canyon Pathlite: ON 5.0: 2,499 euros is the price for the basic model.

- Canyon Pathlite: ON 6.0: in its green color, the Pathlite: EN 6.0 can be purchased for 2,799 euros.

- Canyon Pathlite: ON 7.0: from the official website of Canyon it is revealed that the 7.0 model is available for 2,999 euros.

- Canyon Pathlite: ON 8.0: 4,399 euros is the price that will have to be paid to take this model home.

- Canyon Pathlite: ON 9.0: the most exclusive version will feature 12-speed Shimano Deore XT M8100 gear, fender, goat leg and shelf (among other accessories) and will be on sale from 4,999 euros.

  As you can see, it remains a huge investment, only accessible to a handful of purses.

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