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My name is Amit I am working under jungleworks to providing women platform to the entrepreneurs or Businessman if its one application with name tokan  delivery management system by which you can  contract all the workers working under your organisation and the also This article is related to enhance your business and upgrade it to online platform. 

This application enhance your business also you can track the order and the track the person working in the organisation.

A track that how many works and order the agent has completed. In jungleworks there are lot of applications do can help you enhance your business and also you can make the business online check all the things that you want to to easy to maintain the data and also you are able to track the person working in the organisation there one more application with the name of bulbul bulbul application is used to include integrate that data to menu plate and execute it in very different manner. Jungleworks working model auto Independence Enterprises don't have any online details updated so you can call at our helpline number for your original business organisation and we will help you turn your business online will give you a quick demo free of cost by which you are able to get and fats that is the application is good for your company or not.

Best in class features- Delivery management platform catering to all your business needs.

Automated dispatch and delivery- have your pickups and deliveries are auto assigned to your nearest and free delivery agent as soon as the order is prepared.

Tracking and route Optimisation- Get delivery tracking system monitor workforce in real time. Plan ahead with optimise routes for managing delivery service. 

Geo analystics powered reports- integrate powerful analystics management into your individual access to your visual reports.

Optimise your business operations tookan.

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