Bowling Tactics

 The battle between bats and the ball is a battle of wits. Whether you are playing a limited over the match, For the more extended duration version, cricket is the game of tactics.

 Therefore,.bowling required as much planning and effort as batting does. The most successful Bowler are often those who have done the best plan.

 A study of opposition, of each batsman's strength and weakness, of adjusting the field preciously, for each Bowler, are contributing to bowlers' success.

The role of The Captain is also essential, as he often works closely with his Bowler to plot a batsman's dismissal.

Cricket, being a team game, the entire team must be aware of tactics being employed to plot a particular batsman's dismissal.

The importance of meticulous planning cannot be emphasized. Team discussion, video analyses, and strategy are essential, and sometimes, parts of the selective Decision Process.

Like all aspects of the game, there is a touch of mystery in Bowling too. The element of chance is always present. A brilliant spell may bring no result, while an indifference spell would be very productive.

The team aspect is further highlighted when you find that simple catches are sometimes dropped while, on other occasions, tough catches are completed.

The best deliveries may elude the Bat and the stumps, while an innocuous long hop may be hit straight 'down the throat' of the fielder in the outfield. Such are glorious uncertainties of game.

Yet, unlike a batsman, who gets but one chance, the Bowler has more than one opportunity to get the batsman out.

His best deliveries may be defended, or heat all over the field, but the Bowler could rest for some time and come back for a second, or third, spell. He may be more productive with the old ball than the new ball.

Physical fitness has to compliment mental determination and sound thinking. It is always lessoned to watch different bowler Bowling in a match. The variation, the strategies, the continually changing field position hold one's attention. It is almost like a game of chess.

The methods of experience bowlers are always captivating. The use of crease, the chance in lengths, sometimes shots, sometimes over the pitch, a slower delivery, wide half volley, the Yorker, and can you put the changing spectacle on the field.

The best Bowler is often to put the test when the condition is against them, and the batsman is set. It is in such a state that the 'brains trust' is called upon to react. What are the opening hours?

The Bowler could decide to bowl to one side of the Wicket, and this is usually how the captain sets the field. It is it would be useful to remember that the captain cannot set an area for bad Bowling. A full toss, or short delivery, or wide delivery can be hit at will and place in the gaps. It would be impossible to set a field for such Bowling.

Lengths and lines are,  therefore, necessary. 

To contain the batsman and play on his patience by packing one side and making sure that there are no loose balls, or an easy to run, is a time wasted tactic.

The Bowler from each and would concentrate on proper bowling length, and to side packed with a fielder. This is called bowling to your field. Bowling, much like batting, is about working in pairs. Bowlers must complement each other.


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Very nice

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Off spinar

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