Best iPad 2 & iPad 3 Games Free / Paid

As most of us realize, the iPad has become an essential part of our daily life due to its increased possibilities and amazing features. A higher processing power, high graphics, and the Retina Display are the perfect ingredients for an amazing gadget. Web pages, videos, or simple pictures are not enough to display the powers of the iPad. If you really want to experience something different on your brand new iPad 2 or 3, you should try to play some games. The best games for iPad represent the only way you can see the true power of your gadget.


There are different types of games. The novices enjoy playing Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, or Cut the Rope, while old gamers deal with something far more complicated and expressive. To make things clear, I want to highlight several impressive games that you should definitely try on your iPad. Racing games always have been the first choice for gamers. I know that Asphalt 7 or Reckless Racing 2 are only two of the most impressive games for lovers of adrenaline and high speed. If you enjoy crushing your car against the wall while playing in slow motion, hitting your opponents, or winning races, then these games are the ones for you.


If we are still on this topic, you can also try out the old classic Need for Speed game. It means pretty much the same as I told you before, but all those impressive details and high graphics will make a huge difference. On the other hand, if you are more of a shooter type, you should definitely try out Call of Duty 2. This is the classic Call of Duty where you start fire against your opponents and fulfill the mission. I do not know if it is still worth mentioning the Infinity Blade II. This game is one of the most downloaded games in the App Store and not only.


Its impressive details and images are proof of the high performance that can be found on iPad 3. If you are a huge fan of games and you want to play your favorite game on a bigger screen, with the AirPlay Mirroring feature, you have the possibility to hook your iPad to your Apple TV. These are some of the best iPad 2, 3 games at this moment. Users’ choices differ, and they change from day to day, and thus, the list of games will also change.

For more iPad 2, 3 games, you should visit the App Store. There are thousands of great iPad 2 or 3 games to download, and I am sure that at least one of them will catch your attention.


Cydia Apps to Improve Camera

The iPhone has become more than a simple device. People use it to keep in touch with their loved ones, play games, or take photos. Due to the 8 MP camera, this amazing device can take great pictures. However, this is not enough when you want to act as a photographer with your device. For this, you need to right apps to improve the quality of your pictures. Unfortunately, people avoid visiting the App Store, and instead, they choose to visit the Cydia download Store. There is a place where you can find many great Cydia apps that can improve the camera feature. With the right apps installed on your device, I am sure that you will take great pictures to share with your friends.



Firebreak is a great tweak if you enjoy taking panoramic pictures. In this way, you will capture a wider section, and you will be able to mark the most important details without missing anything.



At the same time, if you do not share your photos with others and want to keep them hidden, all you have to do is install the project to assign a password for your gallery. Even your most personal pictures will be safe from intruding eyes



HD Camera will add a different perspective to the way you take pictures. Your photos will turn out to have higher image quality if you use this camera. On the other hand, if you enjoy adding effects, filters, or other details to your pictures, you are free to use the Camera + tweak. It is one of the most used Cydia apps for camera features. It is simple, but the results will be great.

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