Best day of Your Life: Be the BOSS

This is where Things Getting Easier for you. You just need to follow and to your heart and you will get the answer to every question you have.

SO there are some series of questions that you need to ask yourself.

//mainly about creativity, memorizing, being present.

What is the most important thing in your life?

That question we all want answers to. Believe me, I am searching to. I have with my Experience come to something. that is knowing where you are feeling the moment. You know what sparks creativity = I know and that is you. It is an inborn ability but we will produce it in you. Believe me But most important believe yourself.

Feeling the moment gives the right time to remember for your brain to what is happening around you getting in the details and creativity is seeing things in a different manner than they truly appear to be.

SO when you remember your moment then you can for sure Add stuff to your memory palace. When done you will spark creativity jiggling info around in your brain. Then Connecting those neurons together to know that you have created something.

Now to our main question what is important to us. on a Personal level whatever we feel is making us ecstatic and want to jump out of our pants. all these years we have developed a pattern of thinking remembering stuff only that is important to us. this is limiting in a lot of ways. we are by being present trying to see things the way they should be. Not in some way we want them to be. When this layer is removed we will see a direction in our eyes and know who we are. This will help us know what is really important to us.

sparking creativity is the part of this process, of seeing things the way they want to be seen socially, Metaphysical, physical whatever side.

This my first attempt at writing something to find my niche. please let me know anyways I can improve it.

happy to have spent some time with you.



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