Best business with INR 10 lakhs

If I have half of the money, then I will start a tiffin center on a big platform.

At a big platform. ……. surprised!

Yes.. this is possible because I have already owned a tiffin center, and for your kind information, I had started it in just 50,000 a six months ago, and now it is running successfully.

How I did it & how you can?

so just see the following point

  • for the running of the tiffin center, space is required, and I dont have so much money, so I have started my tiffin center from the kitchen of my house & still, it is running from here. So the amount required for rented space was zero.
  • I purchase 30 tiffins of 250 rs. ( total amount=7500 rs.)
  • I am paying 8000 monthly to a delivery boy.
  • paying 5000 monthly to two cooks (total amount=10000 rs.)
  • I used a free app to spread my business online named google my business rather than a website. It is a very good app for being online in a local business. It helps your costumers to find you easily.
  • I have set a daily budget of 500 rs. for making of 30 tiffins ( total amount=15000 per month) (15 tiffins in the morning & 15 tiffins in the evening)
  • Four hundred pamphlets & 200 visiting cards for just 700 rs. By a relative.
  • I set a price of 60 rs per tiffin to attract the costumers, which is less than the other tiffin center.

It means I have spent almost 41,200 to start a tiffin center and keep safe the rest 9000 rs. for any other need. This is how I have started a tiffin center with just 50,000 rs. And now it is successfully running.

In this way, I have started a business of total monthly net worth about 54,000 rs. in just 50,000 & have recovered my money in just two months from the starting of the tiffin center.

I have given you my example for a better understanding. I hope from the above example now you understand how to start a tiffin center & if your mindset to start a tiffin center, then watch any video on youtube and let us start.

Some more ideas to spread your business fastest with a budget of 5 lakhs

  • register your tiffin center in swiggy, zomato & in other food startups.
  • Keep some special dishes on your food menu.
  • Serve the best quality as made off home.
  • Create a website for the tiffin center and hire a digital marketer and get more costumers.
  • Do not delay in delivery. Keep your delivery system fast always.
  • Do publicity of your tiffin center on social media networks.
  • Register your Tiffin center in JUST DIAL. It also helps you to do better locally.
  • Get a food license.

Your Costumers

      -You can target PG



     -Rent house

     -Guest House

    -TT Stay House

   -Corporate offices near your location.

Lastly, keep your menu up to date & give hygienic & healthy food with on-time delivery.

This is my own experience for starting a tiffin center & I hope you also can do the same. Only you have to do, keep patience & do smart work to develop the opportunity.

I hope my article will be helpful for all readers.

Good luck!

Thank you!

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