Best Bengali Food

Because of the culture of Bengali people they got some fantastic and very yummy food.In the article I am gonna tell you some of the best Bengali food which you should must try.

1.Kachchi Biryani:

I am gonna put kachchi biryani first the best Bengali food just because it is the food that every Bengali people loves very much even they take it as the best food for any kinds of occasions.

In Bangladesh where kachchi found is poran dhaka.Basically kachchi is made of meat and rice.And also some of the traditional spices materials.

If you go to Bangladesh you should must try this food.

2.Hazi biryani:

This is another kinds of biryani and very testy also. this also made the same way like kachchi biryani.

The man who made it first name is Abdul Hazi.So the name of Hazi Biryani comes from this.Personally I suggest you that its batter then kachchi Biryani.


I am gonna put Fuchka in top three because this is very popular fast food in Bangladesh.The young generation take it as their regular food specially to the females.You know the best interesting things of the food is the couple in Bangladesh who wants to hangouts must have to entertain at a feast the Fuchka.


This is also a traditional sweet.It is also very yummy Bengali food.It is made by heating non-homogenized whole milk to about 80 degree temperature for about one and a half hour.And then allow to cool it.

The Rasmali is available in most of the sweet shopin Bangladesh but basically it made in comilla.


Now comes to the drinks part.After all foods you needs to drinks right.No worry we have a traditional drinks also.And which is Borhai.

In every function like wedding,different Kinds of party you can found the Borhani as a drinks.It is very healthy also because it helps digestion just because of using Herbal Plant(

Few more traditional foods are faloda, Doi chira,girl chicken with nan,Halim.e.t.c.Recommended for you.

To know about the best Bengali junk food click the link below

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