Best 3 Games of 2020 | Top 3 Games You Must Play in 2020

Best 3 Games You Must Play in 2020

Today We are going to see the three most awesome games you have to play in 2020. This game graphic, art design, stories, and gameplay will make you stunned.

It's showtime! Remember an adventure game called The Vanishing of Ethan Carter? The same Studio, called The Astronauts, who created this date of the art mystery-solving game, decided to make something more... exciting! I present it to you.


List of Best 5 Games You Must Play in 2020:

WitchFire - Dark Fantasy

Black Mesa

Doom Eternal



WitchFire - Dark Fantasy first-person shooter with great graphics and fast-paced combat, where you have to rely on various weapons and magic. 

Yeah, this is a fantasy world, but we have guns in there, which is very cool. Developers said that this mix of magic and weapons is created deliberately. On one level, magic will work way better than in another, so you'll have to find the goldilocks zone every time you play the next level.

Witchfire is often called the dark souls of shooters, and it's not just because of a dark theme is general: developers say that they tend to lean to the souls - like the direction of storytelling and the world itself and the soul's borne games inspire them.

Creepy creature, chilling severe stories, and the world pain you'll have to survive in.

Besides it being set in a dark fantasy world, developers also tend to mention that this, not a horror game, although there might be elements of it that may frighten a softer player.

Black Mesa

Black Mesa This is an original Half-life, just with better graphics and better....everything.It is made by fans, which may sound like a bad thing, but it's not. You can Find Black Mesa officially on Steam and look at those overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The game is in early access by now; you can try it if you want because many comment are saying that game has no issue. It's a beautiful game for you to play already. So, here are three option for you:

1. First would be, if you have never played the original Half-life, this remastered edition is the best way to experience it.No clunky old school graphics, no compatibility problems, and still great gameplay and fascinating, suspenseful story.

IT's a beautiful game, and it may be an excellent way dor you try it 

2. Second, If you are already familiar with Half-life and don't find the idea of replaying the entire game appealing, you should know that Black Mesa has been completely redone from scratch and every place that was doubtful before or wasn't in-game because of bak in a day technology is remade with new enthusiasm and beauty.

3. The third option, If you don care about Half-life, tried it before, but it wasn't something completely new, it's the same game, just a bit better.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal oh man, this is the game we are all ait for. Created by the Id software, a legendary game company, Doom Eternal, will be better than the PRevious Doom. This is not my words; this literally what the developer said. They made better Doom by learning from mistakes they did earlier.

For example, Previous games become repetitive right form the third act, which will not happen with Doom Eternal. Like the games, creative director HugoMartin said they had tripled down everything people liked before and took out everything they did not. That is a bold statement. I didn't particularly appreciate dying, for example. What have they done about that? Nothing, huh? So I taught. If you Suck at this game, as I do, there is nothing a developer can do for you. Anyway, according to creators, every hour of the game, all 20+ hours of it is just engaging as the beginning of the game. It'shard to believe, I dare to call this statement maybe it is, but it's perhaps not. For example, in the last level of Doom Eternal, they will take you into the location you never before throughout the game and meet AI you have never seen before.

They will be introducing new things right until the very end. And this is not a Mars anymore, as you can see, it looks more like a Diablo where instead of magic you can shoot demons with big guns, crush their skulls, decapitate their limbs and die a lot if you are playing on at least ultra-violence difficulty.

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