Auntumn is the season of my soul

Auntumn is the season of my soul

In childhood, when a teacher in social studies class wrote a question on a backboard

You wrote the answer

there are Four  seasos, summer ,spring ,winter and autumn

the question was answerd, beacuse this this was my favroite, it used to be talk of nature and the mountains, the river, the weather was taught about them.

But ever since reading  this season question, i always wondered where this item goes?

kevin has not seen an item until today, then thought it didnt even look like a spring. just come summer and sever summer comes, them winter comes and the summer again.

where do these two seasons go to spring and autumn ?

then it turns out what when the flowering season is open, it is spring but not visible because we are not living in the flower gardens and the atom is when the winter starts and the winds start to falland the leaves fall.  just thinking of it,  i was living in the fantasy of the atom.

then one day mom went to see her friend with john, she was an air host . meaning air hostess, so she was traveling around the counttry, she put an album of photos of her trips in front of me, so that i could see  Mon and her friend. do not distract myself and keep watching the pictures.

these pictures were very high for four by six.

Somewhere there was a building with pictures, then some with a bridge . A picture was made in a moving train, then a picture was made in a museum.

seeing  these photos made me wish i could fly, tooand made it a point to be a pilot who could never be fulfilled, a different story i will tell again.

As time went on and the atom became connected to the soul. then after some time the mountains were introduced, and said saw a picture of the northern autumn of mehdi bukhari and was delighted with the joy that this autumn also comes to our country, and if not today, i will see tomorrow.

But the test was notn going to end here, all of this was time consuming and i just looked at the pictures and soothed my soul.


junaid javed

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