Good news for the gamers of India. Your wait is finally finished. The apex legends mobile version is finally here; Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment announced the famous Battle Royal title.


So today, in this article, I will discuss some important points about the game Apex legends mobile; it will able to beat or compete with PUBG mobile or COD in the battle royal game, or many things that are going to be discussed in the article.


1.Apex legends mobile vs. Apex legends Pc version.


 If you played Pc version of this game, then you will find familiar with that.

But the pc version of this game is about 35 to 40GB, whereas the mobile version is only 1.34GB.

The lobby of the game is also similar if we compare the pc and the mobile version.


2.At present there are not many modes are available. Only a single mode is available.


3.There is a team of 3 members, and there is a total of 60 players; this means total there are 20 teams, and each team has 3 members. And at last, one team becomes the champion who will stand top among all the rest of the team.


4.About settings.

There are not many settings available like graphics settings like high, medium, low, ultra, smooth, etc.

You have to play in a single setting only.


5.About legends


The pc version of the game has 16 legends, whereas the mobile version has 8 legends. All the 8 legends available in the mobile version are not unlocked; you have to unlock them by increasing your power, and you do progress and collect the coin, then you can unlock them. In starting, you have only 2 to 3 legends that are unlocked rest of them remain lock until you do not unlock them.

6.About Guns

There are 6 categories of guns at present and have about 15 to 16 guns, like Assault Rifle, SMG, Machine gun, Shotgun, Sniper, and Pistol. But over a while, the number of guns will increase.

  1. You can change the control layout; also, you can customize or change the skin of your guns and the legends.
  2. Gameplay

The gameplay of the Apex legends mobile is good enough as it is available in the beta version.

At present, there are some lags and frame drops in the beta version, and the smoothness is not available and is not compatible with some devices as it is in a development process. Still, we also know that it is presently available in the beta version, not in the stable version, so it's ok. But when it comes in a stable version, then the problem will improve, at least I hope so.


9. Disappointment for the IOS user

The Apex legends mobile is currently available for the android user only, it is not available for download on the iPhone, or we can say for the IOS users.

The Apex legends are presently available only in India and in the Philippines in the beta version.

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