Animal fun facts that made me wish i could have few of them.Do u wanna know what are these??


Hello everyone

In our childhood, we all have seen that we all had many interesting facts about animals or sometimes places or people in our notebook on the last page. Still, they were so interesting we never we were always busy playing criss-cross games in it when we get bored in class...


Here I bring to u all a selected list of facts about animals that we have all seen in real life but never noticed...



My first fact is about HUMMINGBIRDS- we all love them right, they are small in size of different colors and are so attractive, but the most important fun fact about them is that they are so agile and have such good control over themselves that they can even fly backward. Isn't that amazing...


now the second one is also for the smallest creature, and that is RATS..ok, we know that we all are fed up with this creature but have you ever thought that from where do they let me tell you that these RATS have so much breeding power that within just 18 months 2 rats can create over 1 million copies. Isn't that so scary? I mean, someone tells them that it's illegal now to give more than 2 children...



Now I come to another animal that is a SNAKE. Well now as per this fact I am going to tell you about them. I think that they are so know snakes can see even if their eyes are closed. It can still see through its eyelids...if humans had this quality, then small children would pretend to sleep and see everything happening around them.


So let's see something about ice, and when I think of ice, the thing which comes to my mind is POLAR BEAR they are white so attractive and large in size... Okay, I understood just beautiful to see from far they are very I would like to reveal their beauty secret that they have the fur of white color, but if we remove them, their whole skin is of black color. On this, I could say that the polar bear has the talent to maintain itself a properly good job.


Now have u ever seen rhinoceros? I mostly saw it on tv or in pictures. It is known for its horn on its head. We must be thinking they are so strong that they are the strongest bone, but the fact is the horn of rhinoceros is made just from compacted hairs. There are no bones in it...if we all had such strong hairs, then there won't be any problem with hair fall in this world.


 At last, what is the most annoying insect we hate? Obviously, thats mosquitoes, but u know we are wrong. It's not the mosquito. It's the female mosquito as it's only the female mosquito that bites humans. Before killing them, just dont forget to confirm their gender.



So for this article, this much information is enough for fun with facts. I hope you all liked it and have gained some information with this and enjoyed reading this article. I will be back soon with more such articles. Thank you for paying attention to this.

Thank you


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Prakash Yadav - Nov 29, 2020, 12:54 AM - Add Reply

Polar bear has black skin?? I didn't know that.

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