All Depends On How Dhoni Does In IPL : Shastri

Former Indian player MS Dhoni has washed cars played tennis uploaded videos on social media and met you with his teammates when they played a test match against South Africa in his hometown Ranchi since he last wore the blue jersey in the traumatic semifinals loss against New Zealand in Old Trafford.

After that match, Dhoni did not speak to the media too much and neither has he announced his plans of retirement. His loud silence on the issue has only made things tricky for the selectors who have made it clear that they are looking for a 38-year-old stumper on more than a few occasions. 

Indian cricket coach Ravi Shastri famously told that the guys commenting on MS Dhoni that he can't even tie his shoelaces on his own. 

After India's thumping series win over Bangladesh in Kolkata, Shastri, while speaking to IANS, again touched on the D-factor while speaking about the possible team combination for the ICC World T20 in 2020.

It all depends on when he starts playing and how he is playing during the IPL. The IPL becomes a massive tournament because that could be the last tournament after which more or less our 15 will be decided.

There might be a player who might be there and thereabouts in case of an injury or whatever. But our team I would say would be known after the IPL. 

Shastri was all praise for his team's resolve that loss in the World Cup semifinal and the way the had bounced back which was a bitter pill to swallow and hurt one and all. But then, the intensity they had shown after that in the last there months is unbelievable so that is why I say that if we look back 5-6 years, this will be the most consistent Indian teams ever across all the formats.

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