After Coronavirus COVID-19 Deadly Situation in the World Please be Safe.

Confirmed Cases and Passing by Nation, Domain, or Movement

The Coronavirus COVID-19 is influencing 199 nations and domains around the World. On January 30, the novel Coronavirus entire case check outperformed that for SARS (which influenced 8,096 individuals around the World).

On January 30, the world Wellbeing Association pronounced the Coronavirus flare-up a worldwide General Wellbeing Crisis. On January 30, CDC affirmed the principle US instance of human to human transmission.

Germany, Japan, Vietnam, and the US have detained Causes in patients who didn't come by and by visit China; however, they get the infection from another person who had visited Wuhan, China. These instances of human to human transmission are the most troubling, as indicated by WHO.

Wuhan (the city where the infection began) is the biggest city in Focal China, with a population of more than 11 million individuals. The city, on January 23, shut down vehicles joins. Following Wuhan's lockdown, the capital of Huanggang was additionally put in isolation, and the city of Ezhou shut its train stations. This implies than 18 Million individuals have been placed in segregation. The World Health Organization (WHO) said removing a city as extensive as Wuhan may be remarkable in general world history. and loaded China for its unimaginable responsibility to detach the infection and limit the spread to different nations

Now all the World affected by Coronavirus. Till the cure of the Coronavirus does not launch in the market, the only safety precaution is to stay at home, stay away from the affected people do not go on the populated places. Now the Situation is all the vast world Nations scared by the Coronavirus. New Cases report daily, and the people also die regularly. 

The USA announced the cure of Coronavirus has been discovered and launch at the end of July (The new collected by Untrusted way). China controls the Situation of Coronavirus in the Wuhan city and does many other operations to stop spreading the Coronavirus. 

The coronavirus test of the Canadian prime minister is positive a week ago.

Prince Charles Coronavirus test also positive. 

The number of cases of Coronavirus increases day by day, and world superpower does not make any proper arrangement against the Coronavirus. Europe is too many affected by Coronavirus. The number of Cases in Europe increase by deadly speed. Italy, Spain, single-day death reports are 1500+.

Worldwide Stock Markets crashed daily by Coronavirus. People also scared and lost their Millions of Dollars on the Daily basis. The WorldWorld is in the Situation of lockdown like Kashmir. In a few days, China got a new virus. The virus name is hunter, and one is dead by a hunter virus and 32 affected by the hunt virus. The Hunta virus is most dangerous than Coronavirus. People of China already scared by Coronavirus. China lost their Millions of Dollars by Coronavirus, and the Chinese stock market goes down every day. Jack Ma announced to supply the 18 lac mask and other helpful things to the developing countries and help them to fight against the Coronavirus.

Every Country fights against the Coronavirus and hopefully beat the Coronavirus.

Allah helps us to fight against the Coronavirus, and as much as possible, we beat the Coronavirus.

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