I have been preparing for upsc since 2017 nov.

through this proess of learning i have get to know about lot of things and business is one of them ,but not evry one succed in this line just not thier idea was bad but thier failed attempt to imlement it in correct manner ,i have anaylse many ideas and many company data but turnout they all were insufficient and in some cases impatience . to be succesful in  this line u need to use 100% of our brain anaylsis ,and be patient for right opportunity and hit ti at right time. becoz for every place same business idea si not going to work , so ttry to anaylse ur surrounding and try to think big like outsie the box they say and be consistence in ur journey , try to make a single step evry day or jump like a kangaro. see iam not saying to do business of opeing a single store ,i want cooperatives thinker who can think of big ideas and implement in a large area , try to connect two or more district or maybe more but think in different way and be realistic and ideological . see a question may arise why dont other peopl edo it becoz they are not touht in a way to thin like a entreprenur but being surrounded by knowledge every where u need to learn things faster and faster and try to evolve evrey day to increse ur thinking capability ur anaylsing power and all this endevour for ur dream ur financial freedom and welfare of people . to meade ur business run faster and t make more promotion every single day u need to make contacts with a handful of people worth thousands of friends . all the thing that matters in last is ur 100% in ur work or ur learning ,just do it.

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