How a painful story tells its pain?

How does a painful story tell its pain?

Many times we feel that a lot is going on in life. Still, difficulties come in everyone's life, here the story is of a girl who has faced only problems in her life, starting from her childhood which she was young then very She was always mischievous, she used to harass people, fight with her siblings, fight with her friends, most of all she kept fighting. Because of her childhood, that girl became so angry that apart from hatred in her heart and mind, Nothing is a matter of 1 day, even if that girl is a little sensible, she started seeing fight fights in her family.



Still, she did not learn to fight by visiting those places but learned to hate the world, the people around her, her family members. She was always used to looking at her with little eyes; the biggest mistake was that she was a girl as she grew older, as her hatred grew from the world when it came time to go to school, her friends there hated her. She used to do it because the teachers gave a lot of importance to it, so other girls. It was not tolerable for anyone to talk to her, so other girls always hated her unnecessarily.



That girl was quite beautiful, because of this girls always used to look at her with a small eye as to why it is like this when school time is over. The girl's heart and mind were filled with so much hatred for the world that she did not even want to look back, and when she started staying home, she always thought that she was far away from this world, seeing the fight and the disturbance of her mother Go away but luck was something else. His young age and small heart, and dominating mind did not let him do anything. That girl always thought that he should go somewhere far away from this world to go somewhere where She could live alone.



On day 1, the day of her life had come, she was sent away from her house where the first CD of her life started, and from there she started having a more challenging experience which she never even thought Beyond this, we would do it is another story.

The girl had never been away from her family, but she was helpless to stay away from her family and fulfill her dreams. She thought that if she goes away from her family, she will do many new things in her life but starts from there.



There was such a hostel of the original story there was a college where she did not like anyone to be her friend, she always wanted to be alone, she never wanted to talk to anyone, so whenever she was someone In general, the person always used to think that she wants to fight, she is not a good girl, she is a very bad girl because she always used to talk in the most angry way, she never even knew the meaning of love, so Joe She went to the hostel where no phone was allowed to be kept there, she was not even allowed to talk to her family, now the girl had neither a friend nor she was allowed to speak to the family which the girl had already Angry and broken, she had gone to a dark world, from her childhood till today she got only fight, quarrel and anger and He went on to become precisely the same, no girl became his friend, after 1 year in the hostel in college, he made such an image of himself, he always kept himself busy, he did not have any friends, hence he used to give his time to volleyball.



He had never played volleyball. To keep himself alive, he started playing volleyball, but it was also necessary to have someone in front to play volleyball, so no girl came to play in front of him because of fear of that girl. She was so powerful, no girl could stop her volleyball, so she used to get angrier, she tried to be right with everyone but could not get anyone to understand her after that her coach told her To learn volleyball along the wall, the girl prepared herself thoroughly by playing with the wall in 10 days. After that, she was put on the field, keep watching to know what happened after that.



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