A funniest Life story of a villager and his mom that you cannot stop laughing

I am telling the funniest life story of Pinku and His mother Though I am not taking here real name because he and his friends will understand and will laugh on him, and His personality will be affected.


So his mom understood that he is a good boy, Means he does not abuse anyone or does not fight anyone or tops in the exams in the whole class.

So he was really a good boy and always Done that what his mother said. So he was still on time on every moment of life, And his mother had fixed his gaming time. For example, when he went to the game at 5.00 p.m, then his mother came to pick him at 6.30 p.m. So, one day, He was playing. He becomes tired; thus, for some matter, he fought with a child of his age. He abused him Though he was a topper and good boy and A parent of that good boy when sees the child or catches the child on the spot of doing some harmful activity becomes angry with him, and in the villages, the parents become so upset with the child so that he should not be so bad. So when he was abusing is friend the time I think was 6.30 p.m., And his mother had reached there so When he was abusing his mother listened to the whole words. And then guess what happened if the villager's mother catches his good boy while abusing. So his mother slapped him and found him with his ears and then dropped him at home so as the home of Pinku was on the first floor, and all the friends of Pinku were watching and laughing so here mother taught him a good lesson and Forced Him to eat very spicy red Spices while Eating spices he was weeping a lot and saying that I will not abuse anymore and he was saying sorry sorry

So the story ends here, and all the friends were laughing at him I think we should do this


As you know that in villager cricket team group there is always a boy who can pick the ball from anywhere So in this group that boy was pink

So at one day, pink came for playing after being ready, and he had worn right clothes, and he was also bathed

So when he came just that time the ball has gone to the canal So one of the friends forced him to pick the ball from that canal, but he said Today I can not do that because I have worn right clothes and I have taken a bath freshly

But by force, he noted that OK I AM GOING So when he went

he picked the ball up and given to the friends were very happy, but a noise came from the canal "AH HH AH'' When the friends watched the Pinku was altogether sleeping in the channel, and he was weeping so much because he was slipped to the canal.

Here I am using the canal for gutter

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