The one who works without wasting time is referred to as God. So, work is our God. The following are the works of God:


The first work done by God is thinking. Before doing any work, everyone we will think. So, God will also think before creating anything. If God doesn't think then he cannot maintain the balance of the Universe. So, everyone should also think before doing anything. We should leave some of our sorrows to God for thinking. God will think about everyone in this Universe.


God created this UniverseUniverse by thinking very deeply. He wanted to create a world that has peace. The world he created is the Universe. God is still creating various things in the world. We can also create the Universe by planting more and more trees.


God takes care of this UniverseUniverse like a mother. The Universe is a child of God. The mother takes care of the child and God takes care of the Universe. We can also take care of this Universe by growing more and more trees.


God protects this Universe. The mother protects the child until her last breath and God protects this Universe until his last breath. We can also protect this Universe by protecting the trees. God also protects the unity of the world. God protects the good from evil. God takes birth in a different form to protect the Universe. God protects us in the form of mother and father.


God then sees the people of the Universe. If a person is good, then he will do good for those and if a person is evil, then he will do awful for them.


God after seeing will come to know about good people and evil people. Without knowing, he will never do anything. So, without knowing correctly we should never decide whether a person is good or evil.


God will give for everyone. If a person is good he will give more good things. So, we should help others by giving something. God gives sorrows and pleasures for all living beings. The God gives sorrows for two reasons. First, if a person as done any bad things. Second, to make a person strong both mentally and physically. God gives pleasures for people who had done good works. The God will give us everything in one or the other form. God gives us birth in the form of a mother. God gives us food in the form of the farmer. God gives us knowledge in the form of a teacher.


God helps people in one or the other way. But, we should also help others. God helps us only when we help others.


God will take the things he had given if a person is evil. God will take some sorrows if a person is good. Only thing is that we should have faith in God. God will not take everything immediately, he will give us a chance be for taking anything. The God will bring everything one by one if a person is evil.

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