9 Top Effective Ways To Motivate Your Workers

Ways to increase employee motivation in the workplace

It is only natural for employees of an office, company, or business to experience a decrease in motivation, but it becomes a problem when this is done continuously and the schedule is growing.

That's why we have prepared "ways to increase employee motivation in the workplace".

employees motivation

These tips are not for a specific industry. While most of them are done without cost or with very low cost. This means that you can use these methods from small institutions to very large institutions.

Let's start with something that has the potential to change everything: Cognition!


 1- Employees are important and their work is valuable.

One of the most important factors that help motivate employees is to get to know them and pay enough attention to them.

Employees want the employer to be familiar with the difficulties and challenges they face and the challenges they face, and to know exactly what is going on in their work process.

One study found that nearly 70 percent of employees say their motivation and morale increase as their managers become more familiar with their work.

 Imagine if an employee puts in a lot of effort to produce exceptional results but their hard work is not known, does he or she no longer have the motivation to continue to excel? Employee identification should not be limited to an annual bonus.

This identification and this recognition must be meaningful and orderly. In fact, many employees do not have financial expectations alone. They need attention, thanks, and talking to their managers. Ms. Megan Biro, a career appraiser, says:

"Money often has an effect, but it is not always a stimulus. "Your employees need to know that they are an effective (not just a numerical) member of a team and that they are valued enough."


2. Identify small, measurable goals

We have all the projects that go on and on and never seem to end. Doing so really lowers our spirits. A good way to turn this threat into an opportunity is to look at progress. So in order for your employees to know they are making progress.

Identify clear indicators of what their employees are doing. Setting clear and achievable goals, especially when your team fails on projects, can be motivating and one of the best ways to motivate employees in the workplace.

When you succeed in projects, you should have small celebrations and praise the staff. In the book "Peak" by Anders Eriksen and translated by "Payam Bahrampour", amazing research on success and expertise in any work is deciphered:


3- Enjoy the positive results and celebrate it

workers celebrating

Part of creating small, measurable goals is to find plenty of opportunities to celebrate your team's hard work.

This does not mean that you praise or encourage any employee who does anything, But it is important for everyone to know that their work is seen when it has positive results and that they have a chance to make up for it when they make a mistake.

Be specific about encouraging employees. You can find new ways to encourage them. For example, you can show them that they have been instrumental in the development of their community.

Or, for example, they received a congratulatory message from you when they went home and checked their email. simply! What other ways do you know for small incentives?


4- Stay positive Let's be realistic:

"We are a little skeptical of people who are always happy; "It means we can not believe that one person is always happy and positive." Negative emotions have their place. However, it is important to find ways to inject positive experiences into your team interactions to create a positive work environment.


Because it is actually a competitive advantage to have happy employees. Research shows that a happy work environment can increase business success by up to 31% and sales by up to 37%. The joy of the workplace, of course, should not be exaggerated.

Sometimes a simple change can have an immediate impact on our work and relationships.


5. Take care of your employees in terms of nutrition;

snake time for workers

It is difficult to concentrate when you are hungry. So you need to make sure your employees both eat well and have enough energy to work In fact, paying attention to the nutritional and physical needs of employees is as important as paying attention to their emotional needs.

Having healthy snacks at work is an easy way to help your team maintain energy levels throughout the day. The cost of providing these snacks will probably be offset by increasing your team's productivity.


6- Employees should have regular rest time;

It is difficult to work on something for three hours. For employees to be healthy and focused, they need to take regular breaks. Sitting all day is not only unhelpful for employees but also reduces their productivity.

You can relax and laugh together for 20 minutes a day. Short breaks every hour or two can have a positive effect on employees' minds and bodies. Do not forget to get up from the table and inject some fresh air into your lungs.


7- Show the pictures and big goals of your collection to the employees;

One way to increase employee motivation in the workplace is to give them an understanding of how each of their efforts affects the organization, customers, and the community.

For many employees, it is important to know how they are contributing to the development of their community. For example, if you have a training package, you should convey to each of your employees the concept that with your training.

You make the world a more beautiful place to live ...! At the same time, if employees know what the real purpose of your business is and achieve it more clearly, they will move more easily and will be more motivated to achieve this goal.


8- Make changes in the physical environment of work

Sometimes a small change in the physical environment of work can make a big difference in motivation. If possible, think about how to change the work environment for employees and make it more effective. See, for example, you can give more light to employees.

Or you can provide a game table for them. (Like ping pong)


9- Promoting centralized work Promoting "focused work"

Thinking may seem to have a negative effect on productivity, But in many cases the opposite is true. Many of us work in jobs where stress is a big issue, but as Harvard Business Journal staff explain in their article, Mindfulness in an Age of Complexity:

"Stress is not a function of events; "It's a function of how you look at events." Increasing mindfulness and concentration at work (for example, one and a half hours of continuous work and half an hour of rest).

In the workplace will improve motivation and productivity and help employees experience less stress.

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