9 Best Things You Should Read Before Starting Your New Job

Being new at work is always hard, and whatever it is, we all go back and forth throughout our lives. In addition to learning the daily needs of your new position and trying to impress your boss, you need to pursue the issues of office politics and make new work friends.

Tired job seekers, keep in mind: you are not close to settling your search. Going to networking events, working for hours every day on cover letters and biodata, and making sure you are diligent about applying to open positions that you think are best suited for you, but there may still be options you do not notice.

So, before you head back to that new hurricane, here are nine things to read that will help you move into this challenging (but temporary!) State of your life. 



9 Important Things You Should Take Care Before Starting Your New Job Career.

1. Your guide to the first week of work

If you are about to start the first week of that nervous cycle, this is the perfect way to set yourself up successfully.



2. 3 things you think about most in your new job (and 3 things you don't think about)

To help you understand all of those nerves, here are some things you can think of (and how to stop!).



3. Ask a career coach:

How do I build my identity when I am new to the job? In the first few weeks of starting, we all want to create a great look (and we are proving to be the right choice!). Our resident life coach shares how to do it.



4. 3 New Mistakes

You cannot blame the fact that you are the new person You are expected to make mistakes as you start. But you really can’t blame these three for being the new kid in town.



5. Excuse me, the funny question is here - but what is 401K?

Yes, you should be thinking about your savings from the first day of that new job! Yes, you are not the only adult who needs this refreshment.



6. How do you ask for time in your new job (the right way)?

If you are too scared to place a holiday request for that family wedding (because you came to this job! What would your employer think?), This will help control those worries.



7. unwritten company rules that you will not find in the employee manual

No matter how broad your orientation is, there are some things you may not have learned about work and culture in a manual.



8. interesting things that smart people do when they start a new job

Discover how to use Rule 70/30 and the other four tricks to position yourself as a team all-star.



9. Everyone's crazy thoughts when starting a new job (and how to control your madness)

Finally, no matter how dedicated you are for a position, the starting few days are tough. Here is what happens in your head when you try to fix it.

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