7 ways to increase brain capacity, power, and neuron cells.

In today's world, everybody wants to become a knowledgeable person. But everybody isn't capable to do this. They forget things and create some misconceptions and confusion about what they learn. They aren't able to maintain things in the mind, which they learn for the long term. Neuroscientists now discovered the solution to becoming intelligent. The solution is the expand brain neuron cells, although this solution is fruitful for everybody students can take more advantage of this solution for improving their grades in Academics. there have we discussed some scientifically proven methods below. Before going there, always remember one thing that is these methods don't expand brain capacity at one time you have to practice and consistent with this method for the long term. Practice makes perfect. The brain is an adaptable thing, it can adapt and change as per the situation. The brain is a muscle; it needs regular exercise.




 Our brain is always switching from one task to another task. It doesn't stay on one thing for a long time. Meditation helps to make the brain stable on one thing at a time. You can do the easiest way of meditation, just sit in a clean place, close your eyes and pay attention to your breath. Start focusing on inhalation and exhalation only, avoid external thoughts which are coming. It will be difficult for beginners to do, but I guarantee you that if you practice it every day for only 5 to 10 minutes. You will automatically involve yourself in it and meditation gives calmness, stability to the brain and increase brain power.



2.Regular exercise.

 Constantly exercise in improving brain function and neurogenesis. neurogenesis means the growth and development of neuron cells. The study found that many neurons develop when you are doing exercise means whenever you are doing exercise you are Building New neuron cells in the brain. regularly exercise makes you healthy personality and you feel confident also so stop living a sedentary life, just leave the comfort zone and walk around.




 Writing is the best way to express own self and making things long-lasting in the mind. whenever you are writing. You are showing to your mind that this thing is important for you, during writing your brain mining words. so, brain creativity increases, writing makes the brain cell-free and reduced stress and depression levels. so take a notebook and pen, start writing anything which comes to your mind.



4.Listening to music.

 Scientific researchers found that when we listening music some parts of the brain is start working and new pathways of neurons developing. that's why researchers suggest listening to ambient music while you are studying music. Ambient music creates a new nerve pathway in the brain that improves brain memory. You can listen to binaural beats regularly to make better improvements. Binaural beats makes difference between both hemisphere of the brain and sync them. Your brain starting functioning well, yes, it will irritate for the first time, but believe me, if you listen regularly then you will automatically see results in your life.




 Everybody knows that laughter is the best medicine. Laughing every day reduces stress levels and makes you happy and well-being. If a day spent without laughing means you've wasted that day. There are too many things to watch for a laugh. So, leave your worse mood, start laughing as I will.



6.A healthy diet.

 Everything starts from the gut happening in our body and brain. Many great philosophers said that which food you eat, your body and mind will become like that. For a healthy brain and body, you need to eat healthy food. The brain consumes more energy than the body, and energy comes from healthy food. To expand your brain capacity, avoid eating junk food and start eating healthy food and stay healthy for your creative brain.



7.Plenty of sleep.

 Your brain needs relaxation, although the brain never sleeps. It's always functioning. If the brain sleep then you will sleep for your entire life. I want to describe That Give relaxation to your body and brain by taking a sufficient amount of sleep. Taking plenty of sleep to reduce toxic substances from the body which you put in a complete day and you feel good after taking sufficient and deep sleep. Your productivity and efficiency and memory of the brain automatically increase pleasantly.
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