7 small scale business ideas

1-Homemade Candles

Candles are always in demand, which is what makes this a popular business option. The traditional need for candles comes from religious and decoration purposes. During the festival, the market is exceptionally high. Otherwise, too, these days, the demand for scented and therapeutic candles is also on the rise with many restaurants, households, and hotels using them to create an ambiance. The Candle making business can be initiated from home with a low investment of approximately $2000. The raw materials used to start the business include wax, wick, molds, thread, aroma oils, and more. Apart from the primary raw materials, you also need to have some candle-making equipment. This includes a melting pot, thermometer, pour mug, weighing scale, hammer, and an oven (to melt wax).


Pickles are a traditional food item in India and are extremely popular. You will find at least one variant of vinegar in every Indian household. Thus, if you want to start small, a pickle business is a safe and secure option. Apart from the Indian market, Indian pickles are significantly in demand abroad. You can start this business at your home with a small capital of approximately $2200.


Buttons are one of the essential trimming used in the garment industry and have huge market potential. From plastic to fabric and steel buttons, there are various categories in this niche that you can select depending upon your choice of business. You can either rent out space or start at home with a necessary investment of approximately $3000.

4-Shoe Laces

The demand for Shoelaces is high as well, and manufacturing shoelaces has become a lucrative small business idea. Laces are produced by weaving a band and fastening the aglet. The simple, woven band is usually made from cotton, polyester, nylon, polypropylene, etc., and the aglet is made of plastic. Apart from the material for the laces and aglet, shoelaces braiding machines are also required. They can cause several meters of laces per minute, after which acetone can be used to fasten the aglet to the then woven band. You can start this business with a small investment of approximately $2500 depending upon the kind of machinery you want to deploy.

5-Ice Cream Cones

Everyone screams for ice cream, one of the most popular desserts today. The increasing consumption of ice cream has led to a rise in the demand for ice cream cones. Therefore, if you want to start small, this idea could be a profitable business option. You can start an ice cream cone manufacturing unit in a small space by investing approximately $12000. However, if you want to operate on a larger scale with high capacity machinery, the investment cost goes a little higher.

6-Handmade chocolates

If you want to start your business and do not have an idea, manufacturing chocolate can be a lucrative opportunity. You need to develop and product line to start off. An approximately capital of $4000 will be required to purchase raw material and packaging. However, if you want to deploy a piece of machinery for al larger production scale, the cost may rise up to $15000.Your volume production will be more comfortable with mixing, cooking, and cooling equipment. Select the type of material to fit the scale of your operation.

7-Paper making

Manufacturing paper is a low-cost business idea. Paper is used everywhere. From schools and colleges to offices and significant corporate, the use of paper is guaranteed. This translates into an unending demand for this product, despite the world going digital. You need approximately $3000 for setting up machinery and getting raw material to start the business.


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