7 BEST Weight Loss TIPS

1. Identify your motivation

This advice is essential because staying motivated is key to reaching your body goals, but it can also be very difficult at times. First, find out why you want to change your body. Is it to feel stronger? Improve your appearance? Fight to age? Have more energy? No matter what reasons you have, write them down and read them again when you have moments of weakness. Because trust us, you will.


2. Learn to de-stress without resorting to food

Who doesn't feel stressed ... at least once a day? It's one of the main reasons people eat unhealthily and skip training, regardless of how committed they are to getting fit. The next time you feel the tension rising, instead of reacting impulsively and eating anything or having a beer, stop for a moment.

Try other strategies to relax, like going for a walk while you do deep breathing exercises, use the foam roll to the rhythm of your favorite playlist, perform 10 Pushups, send a text message to a friend. In other words, find a distraction that relaxes you and has nothing to do with food.

It is also a good time to mention the importance of sleep in reducing stress. A well-rested body is one of the best defenses against stress-related weight gain.


3. Celebrate victories in a healthy way

A reward is stressful. Many people reward themselves with food for achieving a dieting milestone. A typical situation might look like this: "Since I lost almost 1 kg in the past week, now I can have a doughnut." Celebrating that you have achieved a goal is incredible and motivates you to continue on the toughest days.

But to reach and maintain a healthy weight for a long time, you need to change the way you view food and using it as a reward is a big mistake. Instead, find something that makes you feel great. For example, if you stop eating out for a month and cook healthy meals at home, figure out how much money you save at restaurants and buy yourself something - workout clothes, concert tickets, some new headphones - anything that doesn't contain calories.


4. Focus on your health, not calories

One of the biggest problems with fad diets is that they encourage short-term thinking with tasks like counting calories at each meal, managing weight every day, setting weekly weight loss goals, etc. That can work for a month, but most crash dieters gain the weight right away because they don't focus on developing long-term sustainable habits.

So, forget about counting calories and think about how eating right and exercising can change the body for the better. Are you feeling lighter? Do you feel that your posture has improved? Do you have more energy than before after working out? Has the craving been reduced to take sugar? If you focus on seeing and feeling changes in the body and seeing the positive effects of new healthy habits, you are more likely to continue with them.


5. Adopt healthy habits little by little

Rome was not built in a day, and neither was a strong and healthy body. Many people make the mistake of radically changing their lifestyle, such as throwing all their food out of the fridge and replacing old foods only with healthy alternatives, or scheduling a super ambitious workout plan at 6 in the morning. Most of the time, this only leads to frustration, a feeling of failure, and the urge to quit. It is important to start small because you will establish a positive healthy cycle that will grow over time until it becomes routine.

For example: eat fruit instead of dessert at the end of meals, take a 15-minute walk at lunch, replace some carbohydrates (eg bagels, toast) with nutritious protein (eg eggs, Greek yogurt) at breakfast. Even the smallest changes will make you feel healthier and motivate you to make more positive changes, and you will soon see results.


6. Make easy meals

Preparing your own meals and snacks is one of the best ways to achieve and maintain a healthy weight because you can control the quality and quantity of ingredients, especially bad fats, sugar, salt, chemical additives, and other things that they usually carry commercial food.

You do not know how to cook? We understand. Just thinking about having to prepare food is scary, but it doesn't have to be stressful or complicated. For example, street fries contain at least 10 ingredients, but at home, you can prepare them with only 3 (potatoes, oil, salt) and much healthier.

Tip: put them in the oven instead of frying them. Cooking at home can also save you time if you plan or prepare more for other days. TheFreeletics Nutrition Coach makes it easy for you with incredibly simple recipes and a built-in shopping list.


7. Moving is important

It is possible to lose weight through diet alone, but it is very difficult to maintain a healthy weight without regular exercise. Again, the secret is to start moving slowly. Free Athletes know that training brings numerous benefits, one of them is that you will build muscle, with the advantage that muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue, even when you are at rest.

Combine that with the calories you burn training and you can enjoy 3 (healthy) meals and even a snack or two a day, and keep the weight off. There is no point starving yourself on a diet!


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