6 facts about Radha Krishna according to our Shastra

Radhakrishna these two names which are always taken together. RadhaKrishna the supreme lover of the universe. No one knows about the complete details about RadhaKrishna. Many people talk a lot about RadhaKrishna, some people spoke in devotion, some people only to make fun of them .Here are some facts about them according to our scriptures.




Fact 1:

Who is Radharani? Maximum people always ask who Radha was. Because the form of Lakshmi is spoken to Rukmini, Who was Radha, who Krishna loved more than himself? According to scriptures, Srimati Radharani is the higher self of Krishna. She is the greatest personality in the entire creation. Radharani is the power of Krishna. Srimati Radharani is born of Krishna's alhadini shakti. RadhaKrishna is not separate from each other and can never be like the rays of the sun are not separate from the sun.

  Radha-purn shakti, Krishna purn shaktimaaan Dui vastu bhed nai,  shastra praman




Fact 2:

Radharani is the origin of this universe. Goddess Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati is originated from Radharani itself. Srimati Radharani is not ordinary, She is the root source of all powers.




Fact 3:

It is said that Harrison and Marshan were two demons who recited Vishnu shastranam, hence no deity was able to kill them, At that time, at the behest of Shri Krishna, Srimati Radharani killed them with her sudarshan chakra.



Fact 4:

RadhaKrishna was married. Radha is the first wife of Shri Krishna. That is why Radharaman is also a name of krishna which means Radha's husband. According to the scriptures, Lord Brahma, the creator of this creation once meditated on Shri Krishna for many years. At that time Shri Krishna appeared to Lord Brahma and asked his wish, Then Brahma asked him a boon to get Shri Krishna and Srimati Radharani Married by his own hands. And to fulfill this boon of lord Brahma, Radha and Krishna married in front of the entire universe in their divine form in their childhood. After marriage, except god and goddess, everyone forgot this incident because the incarnation of Shri Krishna had a lot of work on the earth. Even Srimati Radharani had forgotten this because she was in human form and she did not have knowledge of her divine form.




Fact 5:

Everyone asks why did Shri Krishna leave Radha. While the reason behind that is that Srimati Radharani was cursed by Shri Krishna's devotee Shridama that Srimati Radharani will have to live 100 years away from Shri Krishna. According to Shridama, devotion was at the top, but on Srimati Radharani's explanation that love is at the top of the universe, Shridama cursed Srimati Radharani in anger. To fulfill this curse Shri Krishna had to go away from Srimati Radharani.




Fact 6:

Why did Srimati Radharani Marry Ayan? Very few books are written about Srimati Radharani's husband. According to  our scriptures, a devotee named Abhimanyu meditated hard on Narayan, and asked Narayan as goddess Lakshmi in the form of his wife. After Narayan's refusal repeatedly, he took a hard and harsh penance, then Narayan gave him a boon that in the 8th incarnation of Narayan he would come as Krishna and goddess Lakshmi will be in the form of Radha then he will be able to marry Srimati Radha but he will not get any happier as a husband.




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