5 Ways To Gain Your Child's Trust

1. Speak as much as you can

Millennial parenting is unlike the Baby Boomers and Gen X, everything has changed. The lifestyle, the spending pattern also the work pattern. Millennial work beyond the standard work hours, work under an ego-head boss, and may also work with an incompetent team. All these can be very stressful and so stressful that you may want to go into Zen mode. But, that's when the problem starts. A child is agitated to start up a conversation wondering how would you react to it. The child needs to trust you, he/she should be confident that their parents have solutions to all their problems.

So talk! Speak to them concerning their every day at school, concerning their teachers, concerning their friends and go on.

2. Vacation Time!

A break is all one needs. A break from the routine, from work, from the everyday kiosk, and from the technology. Take your child for vacation either hiking or camping. Keep them close to nature, this would build their cognitive thinking and critical problem-solving skills. They enjoy it when you gel into their fantasy world. This would break chains between the child and the parents. As parents, you may literally watch your child closely and analyze them- their thought process and the activities they love doing.

It works best!


3. We are there for you!

" I am there for you" is that golden phrase that gives motivation, a belief, and trust in the sayer and self. Isn't it!

A child can really make out from the expression of an adult to decide how they feel. So, never blame a child for mistakes, rather tell them that- Come what may! We are there for you! The child has to know that his parents are well-wishers who would guide them when they fall down and help them rise and bounce back again. This will allow a child to explore, learn, and grow eventually. Therefore developing the Parent-Child bond.


4. Readout to them!

I remember, how my boss told once that, no matter what he always read bedtime stories. Reading aloud to children helps stimulate brain development, yet only 50% of parent read out to their infant and toddlers. In addition, it is such relaxation for an adult to go into an entirely different world through stories with no stress. Kids get to learn and BONDING is definitely a value addition. Make it a practice. Reading one or two pages every day isn't troublesome. 

So, go grab some lovely books for your kids. Actually take your kid along with you and choose them together.

5. Cook With Them!

Don't we often tell out kids to not come to the kitchen? We say- Don't come inside you may hurt yourself. Why do we stop them from exploring? This is a kick-off to a child's initiative to learn and grow. When the wants to explore, don't stop them, let them explore and be supportive.

While cooking, one is at the moment. You take vegetables, make sure it is clean and slice them to make a healthy tasty dish, don't you. The process keeps us calm. Isn't that a good time to engage with your kid and cherish the moment together. Let the kid grab tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, and ketchup to make a quick club sandwich with you and for you. This eventually will increase the brain activity of a child and make them happier when they see their superheroes with them. 

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