5 strategies that will make you popular with everyone



      Five strategies that will make you popular with everyone



 If you follow the following five strategies correctly, you can easily become everyone's favorite spot.


 1.  Greetings


 It is a primary functional medium.  When you meet someone, dear, greet him politely.  In this case, give priority to him by eliminating your busyness, which will create a positive aspect for you in his mind because it will make him think that you are giving him a priority, which will help you to be his favorite spot.  So greetings are essential.


 72.  Avoid ego


 Most of the time, we each keep our ego or arrogance in ourselves.  It slowly spreads through our pores.  Its terrible stalks continue to apply.  Eventually, Igor's net catches us on all sides, after which it becomes difficult to break out.  But if you want to be the pot of choice, you have to get rid of your ego.  The wrong tree called the ego must be uprooted because the ego runs the process of taking you away from people unknowingly.  The ego becomes a wall when it comes to mixing with people merely.  As a result, it is disturbed to come close to people.  But to become a favorite, it is necessary to associate with people, and it is required to be humble.  So it is essential to avoid ego to become everyone's favorite spot.



 63.  Become a good listener


 We all want to say, but no one expresses a desire or interest to listen.  But we need to pay attention to the importance of establishing a good relationship or mixing with others.  Because someone is talking to you, but you are not listening to him.  Then the speaker will have a negative impression on you.


 On the other hand, if you lean lightly towards the speaker, look into his eyes, patiently listen to him and answer at the right time, then the speaker will be happy, and you can easily become his favorite person.  So if you want to be the person of choice for everyone, you must be a good listener.


 74.  Make the new your own


 This strategy will quickly establish you as a person of choice.  Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present and future generations because no one likes the wrong person.  And we know that in a new environment, a person may feel a little anxious and hesitant.  Then easily, that person will put you in the queue of his choice.



 65.  Body language or gestures


 Our brains draw a small picture of someone by looking at their gestures before talking to them.  Your code of conduct reveals how you walked, how you stood, how you smiled, how you spoke, and so on.  Many people will judge you by perfectly observing these things.  So you have to make gestures in harmony with your environment.  Then people will put you on top of choice.


 If you follow the above five strategies, you are hopeful that you will be the person you like.  But remember that if you are humble with people, respect them, and live a real-life, everyone will appreciate, love you, and at the end of the day, you will be everyone's favorite.




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