5 Reasons why you should play video games 

We all know everything has its pros and cons. Video games are no different. You can undoubtedly learn a whole lot of new stuff. 


Mental Aptitude.

Research has shown that those who spend time playing video games daily have a more excellent aptitude than those who don't. They have strong skills to solve problems. Most games require you to analyze the circumstances and make decisions accordingly. This works in real life. Gamers can find solutions to real-life issues easily.

The American psychological association conducted research a few years back, which showed the team that played strategy games had better grades at school. It helps to approach the same difficulty differently.

Perception and visualisation.

Fast-paced action video games improve brain capacity to visualize and differentiate. It also develops faster decision-making skills. Games improve the way you perceive any situation and one's reaction to it. Gamers can visualize and imagine any space better. It refines 3D-perception.

Gamers are more proficient in judging distances. They have an active imagination, which improves useful in many creative and designing careers. Also, research shows that a person playing video games can create better profile perpetual templates.



Most video games need you to use your grey cells. You can't click away aimlessly. Therefore it means, games upgrade your memory and recalling power. It would help if you seldom remembered the layout of buildings and in-game environments to play better or to have the upper hand over your competitors.

You need to juggle between multiple actions and reach your goals while navigation the virtual environment. These require memory, both temporary and permanent. Games also enhance the ability to recall stuff under mental pressure.

The University of California released research that people who played 3D-video games are better at memory exercise then the non-gamers.

Faster reflexes and fitness.

People who are inclined towards fast-paced action games react faster and have quicker reflexes. Gamers know the fact that you need to research faster in different situations as needed.

People who play games like counter-strike admit that reaction time and faster reflex plays an essential role in such competitive games. It can decide the entire outcome of the game.

The recently developed fitness video games make the workouts fun while you play such games. You no longer need to be dependent on the jeans and personal trainers to lose some weight.

People skills and frame of mind.

It is a myth that gamers are antisocial. The truth is quite the opposite. People who play games have better social skills and knowledge to deal with various people.

Gamers who especially play video games on online platforms and MMORPGs need to play with other people as a team or a clan.

They need to bond better to improve gameplay. They have greater exposure as they have to engage with people from all over the world. 

This goes to their social skills. Games act as a severe stress buster. There are many natural and simple video games with relaxing background music that is designed for the sole purpose of providing relaxation. Playing such games is an escape from the harsh reality.

However, spending too much time in artificial reality can be a significant drawback. Student needs to be aware of the time this man after this video games. Playing for a few hours is the best season. Keep giving. Stay healthy.


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