5 Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Wives

It is not a surprise that many married men cheat on their spouse, and that is a trendy case as they try to satisfy themselves outside their marriage. Doing so is very wrong, especially to men who cheating is part of their nature. It is true that some men are not and cannot be satisfied with their marriage but same time cheating on their spouse is triggered by some of the following which includes and not limited to;

1. Sex Drive

This is a pervasive case for married couples as even young teens get involved in it. If young teens could get involved in it then definitely married couples, especially the men. In a married home where the man is not satisfied with sex or where the female refuses to indulge or satisfy her husband with sex, it might and would lead to the man chasing after women outside the home, and doing so can lead to specific marital issues.

2. Disrespect

This is another reason why men do cheat on their wives. Some men are so disciplinary that they hate being tempered or disrespected, especially by their wives. And this happens when a woman does not respect and appreciate her husband in many ways, such as; disregarding and opposing her husband's decision, quarreling, fighting, and abusing the male.

3. Lack Of Attention

This is also a cause as some women do not pay attention to the needs of their husbands. Some men are cheat driven when they lack focus from their spouse, this happens maybe the wife might be too busy at work or shows typically no concern for the husband's necessity such as caring for him, preparing his meals and so on, and as such the man might try finding a woman outside the home who could satisfy him in such areas.

4. When There Is No Love

This is a significant point as it does cover some of the above. In terms of marriage, love is a natural feeling that exists between these two people. It is a common factor that determines why men do cheat on their spouses. It happens when married couples do not love each other, maybe some years after their marriage or when the husband no longer loves his wife. When there is no love, whatever the woman does for the man is never appealing to him and so he would grow hatred for her and chase after women outside the home.

5. When There Is No Children

Every man wants to be a father, and that's a significant reason for getting married and at the same time, it is the reason for some broken home. This problem can come from both the male and the female when they cannot reproduce may be due to some medical conditions, but in this case, is when the woman is the one unable to bear a child. This might make the man feel inadequate and ashamed at times and maybe triggered to leave his wife, especially if there is no love. This issue at times is not the fault of the female that she should be blamed for, and it could be overcome with time. So instead of men quickly leaving a marriage, they should have patience and pray to God.


Men shouldn't adhere to the above as an excuse for living the home or to cheat on their spouse. Love brought you both together, and no matter the issues, it's just a period of trials, and as always, there is a solution to every problem; it only takes time.

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