5 Productivity Tips: Open Collar during Corona Outbreak

Muhammad Ali (The Greatest) have truly said that "Don't count the days, make the days count." This worldwide lockdown due to Corona Outbreak has taught us that to keep going in life and our jobs we have to be more flexible and productive; instead of being more busy and competitive in a definite environment. Open Collar or work from home jobs are now the newest and fittest trend. Here are below some 'ready to go' tips to be more productive at work and with good practice be more productive in life.

  1. Have your schedule: Every jobber has his/her way of working. Some people are early birds, and some are a night owl. But if your job allows working at any time; then make a work schedule of yourself and keep a mutually acceptable hour to discuss with your client, colleague, or chief (boss). You can make this Time-Table in the mobile calendar, you can set alarms or you can just pen-down your schedule. This scheduling and daily analysis of your schedule completion; will give you confidence and make you more productive. (stay tuned; we are soon going to publish an article on "How to Self-Schedule").
  2. Prioritize your priorities: Now this is the time we can't make the excuse for not having enough time to do a SWOT analysis (founded by Management guru Albert Humprey) of our own priorities. You just have to write down in descending order what is the task in your job most important and most urgent. Yipee! you got your priority list. Do the first thing at first and soon you will see you will never miss an important task. Keep ticking your completed task and you will get more satisfied with yourself.
  3. Take a Break: Pausing in between the tasks helps you to get your strength and focus back. But it doesn't mean you have a long break in between the schedule. Long pause some times break the momentum. Try to plan some 5-10 minute break after each hour. In these breaks, you can do some easy stretches, have some healthy snacks, or you can just listen to a song with closed eyes. These breaks will help surly refresh your mood and rebuilt your focus. 
  4. Choose Calmness always: A calm mind makes wise decisions. One aspect of being productive is making good decisions, and calmness is one thing that will help you to make great decisions for creating good health, wealth, wisdom and will result into satisfaction. So; don't live in fear of anything or any situation; just be aware and calm while making a decision. You can do long breathing exercises for just 2 minute or take a 5-minute alone walk-in balcony, corridor, or roof. Don't discuss when you are disturbed; just calm yourself down and then discuss with a wise and well-understanding wellwisher you like.
  5. Be Mindful, Hopeful, and Approachable: Yes, this lockdown has created a slow downtime for all our economy and employment. In our journey to be and become productive, we have to update ourselves with new technology like remote access working, cloud-connected working, and meeting through audiovisual form; we have to be more mindful, more understanding, and more easily approachable to clients and company. This will help you for developing a good network and will increase your work and wealth productivity.

So, these are small and really easy tips to make you and keep you productive. And remember being steady and going on will keep us growing and glowing. Be Hygenic, safe, and in the bliss of Almighty.



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