5 Major Quality a Leader Must Have

Who is a Leader?

A leader is someone who has a positive influence on a group of people. Being a leader does not only come when you assume a higher position of authority but it comes when you have a good positive influence on a group of people around. Being a leader is not what someone claims but is what is seen in your everyday attitude and lifestyle so because of it there are qualities that make a good leader but there are major quality that a leader should have in order to excel as a leader. The five major quality of a good leader must have included the following



1. A Leader Must Be Visionary

This is one of the major qualities that makes a good leader. Any leader that is not visionary is not a good leader because he or she will not have the capacity to influence those he or she is leading. Being visionary automatically turns someone into a leader because your visionary quality will influence people around you. Visionary as a quality is what makes a good leader also any leader that desires to have a compelling result must be visionary. Being visionary as a leader makes you to be a focus on things that matter most in order to achieve the required result needed and is also a must for any leader that wants to make an impact on people and things around them.



2. A Leader Must Be Innovative

This is another inevitable quality of a good leader. A good leader must be someone that loves inventing new ideas on diverse subject matters. Creating new ideas also involves doing things in a new way different from what it has been before and is only when things are done in a new way that it attracts people around and as a result of that you have automatically influenced a group of people. Being innovative as a leader also helps in gathering the required results needed. Any leader that is innovative is always outstanding to whatever he or she is doing. Being innovative is a must for any leader that wants to make an impact to anywhere he or she finds himself or herself.



3. A Leader Must Be Passionate

Being passionate is all about being committed to what you are doing or what you have planned to do. Any leader that is not passionate in what he or she is doing will never get things done because passion is like a fuel that Kindles what we are doing or what we will do. When a leader is not passionate, he or she will be frustrated because nothing is driving what he or she is doing. Is only a passion can help a leader to achieve whatever he or she wants to achieve regardless the obstacles? Every good leader is passionate to whatever they are assigned to do. Passion can take any leader to a place where people think is impossible. Passion helps a leader not to see the impossibilities that surround any task he or she want to accomplish.



4. A Leader Must Be Courageous

Being courageous is another quality a good leader must have in order to lead properly. Any leader that is not courageous can never be encouraging to those that he or she has influence over. Being courageous is all about not being afraid or fearful to circumstances or issues of life. When someone is courageous people are ready to follow that individual and once people follow an individual it means that you have automatically become a leader. Leaders are courageous people; they are not fearful people. Being courageous helps a leader to face a hard situation as though they are nothing. Doing great things as a leader needs courage because as a leader you will encounter some unapproachable situations.



5. A Leader Must Be Humble

Humility is another quality a leader must have because leadership is all about serving not a place to lord it over people. When someone is humble it automatically compels people to follow but when someone is  proud it repel people away from that person. Not only that humility compel people to follow you it also causes people to stay with you. When a leader is humble he or she will always be honest and accountable to whatever he or she is doing but any leader that is proud will never be honest to what he or she is doing. Being a leader needs humility for sustainability. I will say that honesty and accountability is a spillover effect of humility.


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