5 easy ways to prepare for exams.

In today's world, scoring is the most important thing for the student and their parents. A perfect score defines the status in the society; people compare scores, and remarks are made. With the pressure the school, institutions, and parents put, students, fail to put 100%. 

Every student thing that they put 100% into their studies, but it is not always the truth. A student never fails in the examination; they fail while they prepare for their exam. There are ways to help a person retain the subject matter for a long duration of time because scoring is not everything unless a person must know what they are studying, how is it helpful in life. 

The score is just on the sheet, but the knowledge of something remains forever. One does not need to prove the knowledge.

Here are some ways that can improve the preparation for the exam.


1. Read the matter carefully once, and underline the line which seems to be important.

The most important thing is to read. When we read, we understand. And when we understand, we think. The brain's nerves become active, which helps us retain that thing for a long duration. 

When we underline the important parts, the brain remembers them very clearly.


2. Write what you read.

Note down what you read. Whatever the important points were. Make notes of your own when you make notes of your own involving creativity, like how to write a specific paragraph. While making notes, make some diagrams representing whatever you studied, like a graph or arrow. Try to summarize a paragraph in your own word in 5-6 lines. This helps the brain to learn more removers things clearly.


3. Revise it.

After making notes of a particular topic, leave it for a day, and do some other work. 

The next day opens the notes and revise, and tries to remember things that you have written. When to write, the brain never forgetting that, and when you revise it, the brain activates the nerves and make it long lasting.


4. Ask questions.

After revising the topic, ask questions related to it. Or make 10 questions which you think can be asked from that particular topic. And prepare their answer without the help of the notes or book. And see how you remember. This allows you to have confidence in yourself and also prepares you for the exam.


5. Be relaxed. 

The most important thing is to be relaxed at the time of the exam. The brain needs to think and remember whatever you have studied. Generally, when our preparation lacks, we tend to overthink. But when we prepare everything, the brain tends to relax. Do not study just before giving the exam as that won't help. 

You can revise it. But preparation for that it must. 

All the above points are based on my life. This is the way I study. And score and also retains the knowledge about what I am studying. I was an average student at school; after doing all this, I scored good marks, but I also held a rank. 

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