5 Bold Decisions Of Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Which changed the fortunes of some players with Indian cricket - while Sourav Ganguly may have taught the Indian cricket team the tricks or tricks of winning abroad. At the same time, Mahendra Singh Dhoni gave India the confidence to win again, his courageous and innovative decision. The World Cup has been held, as are many essential snakes in the country and abroad He was honored to win, after losing to New Zealand in the semi-finals of the World Cup (2019) in India, but doubts about Mahendra Singh Dhoni's playing career, with Dhoni taking a break shortly after that, in the IPL-2020. Dhoni was also rumored to be back, and Dhoni also started practicing in Chennai to keep himself fit for it, but the coronavirus has gone viral. There have been fears that the IPL will be held that year. That's why Dhoni's era seems to be coming to an end.

1-Giving Rohit Sharma a chance to start the shift - Mahendra Singh Dhoni's playing career was significant in 2013. This year, Dhoni is the only captain to win the Twenty20 World Cup, the 50-over one-day World Cup, and the Champions Trophy. The fate of a player who has struggled to secure a place in the Indian team has also changed. The player is Rohit Sharma, who has been on the Indian side since 2007, but Ronit Sharma is worried about his playing career. Rohit Sharma scored just 29 runs in 3 innings, and in January 2013, he scored a home run against England. Dhoni had a chance to start the innings again, with an 83-run innings in Mohali and Ronit Sharma no longer looking back; so far, Rohit Sharma has become the backbone of the Indian cricket team with multiple double centuries in one-day cricket.

2-That last over of Yoginder Sharma's Twenty20 World Cup, held in South Africa in 2007, has one over by veteran spinner Harbhajan Singh. "Pakistan needed 13 runs to win the World Cup," he said India stopped him under the run, Pakistan's Vick Palla was heavy, as the marimba in form was at the crease, so Dhoni probably went to Yoginder, bowling the dreams of 120 crore Indians on his shoulders and Yoginder Sharma's triumphant return. India also made new history at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg by defeating Pakistan.

3-Batting fourth in the 2011 World Cup final - India chased down India's 275-run target in the 2011 World Cup final but Birendra Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, and Virat Kohli returned to the pavilion at such a critical juncture. Millions of Indian cricket fans watching the match on the television screen of the spectators present at the Wankhede Stadium were in a state of panic. With India winning the World Cup for the second time, I Gautam Gambhir Dhoni's incredible innings helped India win the toss and elected to bat. That's why he was considered the best player of the match.

4-Playing Gamer / Sachin / Sehwag in the CB series in exchange - Dhoni decided on the 2012/13 CB series that was unimaginable l The most significant player in the history of Indian cricket in the series was Sachin Tendulkar, the explosive player He played in the final, alternating. Although Sachin-Sehwag and Gambhir did not play together in a single match of the all-rounder, they did not make it to the finals. However, it was clear that the starting batsman needed a significant change in the headline for his consistent performances.

5-Ganguly - excluding Dravid from the one-day squad - Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid were not the two best in world cricket. The two former Indian captains combined scored more than 23,000 runs a day. However, Dhoni dared to drop them off. In the one-day three-nation series between Australia and Sri Lanka in 2008, Dhoni did not include both Ganguly and Dravid in the squad. However, Dhoni was accompanied by the then BCCI editor Niranjan Shah. "The decision was taken by the selection committee to form a youth team with fielding skills," Shah said. From this point of view, fielding was probably the focus of Indian teams like bowling and batting. It was for this reason that

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