4 YouTube channels that will make you smart part-1

Think about what kind of videos you watch on youtube all day long. Watch music on YouTube, funny videos, movie trailers, or videos on YouTube to find a solution to any problem. Some may like to watch videos about technology. To subscribe to all the technology-related channels on his YouTube. However, it cannot be ruled out that most people use YouTube to pass the time. Not getting any work, sat down, and watched the video on YouTube. Spending time watching videos is not bad at all. People spend their time watching these videos. However, many are fans of a particular channel. They are waiting for the video to come out of that channel.

Well, what if the time spent watching videos on this YouTube could be paid a little smarter? I watched videos, wasted time, learned something new again. There are many YouTube channels whose purpose in making videos is to teach you something new and to introduce you to new ideas. Suppose you are sitting in a traffic jam or spending a lazy time at home. What good is a web site if it merely "blends in" with everything else out there? So let us introduce you to 4 YouTube channels from which you can learn something new every day.


people who regularly watch educational videos on YouTube or work on all new ideas but haven't heard of Ted's name probably won't be found. What is Ted? Ted is an idea-sharing platform. What the celebrities said at the TED conference is shared with everyone on this YouTube channel. What are they talking about? They talk about education, medicine, industry, trade, jobs, travel. Their purpose is to reach out to everyone so that their ideas and words can reach them. Because of Ideas worth spreading.


"This is Scishow, and we hate not knowing "- You must understand what is meant by this. There is no end to knowing. There are always new things happening in this world. It happened a long time ago, but I still don't know the reason for the mysteries of the ocean world to the thrilling events that have taken place across space. Starting with the origin of computer viruses, our immunity has increased. All these things are talking about in scishow. This channel will force you to think anew about science.

It's Okay To Be smart

Think about it and tell me what you want to know. Space? Virtual reality? Your pet dog habit? Bee honey? Is the shape of the earth round or flat? As you can see from the name of the channel, it is not a bad thing that interests you. And it's Okay to be Smart channel that will help you. This channel will show you all the detailed information about all the mysteries of the world.


How to think about science? Earth, space, mathematics, physics, the human mind, how much more! You can find the answers to all these questions in this channel. Think about it. What if everyone in the world jumped together? What if the sun in our solar system suddenly disappeared? Is our earth really round or flat? You can get an answer to such questions in this channel. This channel mainly discusses various significant theories and concepts of science. The way it is presented here is enough to make you think anew about science.









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