4 YouTube channels that will make you smart from videos

Big think

Now let's think about something where philosophy and politics are involved with science. Well, How do philosophers believe? When the country's economy begins to collapse, how should the decision be taken? What are the levels to achieve self-esteem? Is Time Travel Possible? Are very talented people talented for birth? This channel comes up with such thoughts. Once you get acquainted with all these thought's, you will start thinking about the world a new will start thinking of solutions to many complex questions. Learn many more new things.

Common Sense Education

Common sense is not a matter of learning. This is a matter of practice. But in some cases, it seems that people need to be taught common sense. There are many more cases where people need to given separate classes, such as monitoring people's personal affairs, teasing then, showing whimsy about responsibility, confusing the online world, and the real world. But it is not possible to explain to everyone by calling them to class. So this channel is there to convey the right word to then. This channel only makes videos on these topics, but not. Different videos need to have in the present age, what to do to be an ideal parent, how the child's mind works. Moreover, in the eyes of today's youth, this channel also talks about how the world has become tolerable or miserable. 

The Infographics Show

How does it feel to know information? No, I'm not talking about any interesting information. No data can read as a story. I am talking about all the information that needs to be read without understanding. Those who have to memorize something without understanding it know how annoying and difficult this task is. Sometimes reading doesn't make you think if someone would present this information differently? It would have been much easier to remember if the information was in front of a little fun trick.

This information has made it easier for you to remember. They make animated videos on various topics and present them on their channel. They make videos on all subjects like politics, science, sports, medicine. The videos are really informative and fun to watch because of the cartoon animation. They make videos only with information but not. They also make animation videos on all the famous funny events. Besides, they present all the fun puzzles in front of everyone through cartoon animation.


Think of one thing. Was the way you were raised from childhood, the way you were taught to read, the way you were introduced to the world around you? Or could things have been a little different or more beautiful? Of course, it could!

There are many beautiful and modern rules for teaching children politeness, empathy, any teem work. This channel has a lot of videos on how to teach these rules to children. Some things should be given more importance when children grow up. Evey children love the channel for these videos.

All of the channels mentioned here make videos with their target audience in mind. Every time they bring new information in front of viewers by keeping the main content of their channel.

You also visit another channel.

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