3 player who have secored a century in a test matches 10 wicket

In world cricket, all teams have one or all rounder. But every team wants to have a great all rounder. one who performs best with both but and bowling. In the last year's world cap, players like ben stokes and shakib al hasan have played brillinantly. so far 2353 matches have been played in test cricket. In which this has happened only there times. when a batsman has scored 10 wicket in amatch along with a century. today we will tell you in this special article, what are these players. who has taken 10 wickets in a test match with a century.

1-Ian batham:

England all-rounder Ian batham is the first such player in the world. who has scored 10 or more wicket in a single test match along with a century. Ian batham took 114 wicket in the mumbai match played in the 1980 tour of india. while taking 13 wickets.

Ian batham took 6 wicket in india's first innings. then after that he had scored 114 runs in the england's first innings and then 7 wickets in his second innings.thus Ian batham brilliantly performance gave england 10 wicket in this match. was defeated by.

2-Imran khan:

Imran khan was the former pakistan captain. after Ian batham,this feat is in the name of former pakistan player imran khan. He took 6 wicket's in india's first innings in the test match of faisalabad in 1983. then after that he had secored 117 runs in pakistan's first innings and then in india's secored innings. he took 5 wickets in his name. javed miandad, zaheer abbas and salim malik also scored centuries in this match along with imran khan. thus due to imran khan brilliant perfommance, pakistan's team defeated india by 10 wickets in this match.

3-shakibal hasan:

shakib al hasan is a very brilliant all-rounder from bangladesh. Imran khan feat was repeated by shakib al hasan in 2014 after 31 year.he scored 10 wickets and 137 run in a test match ageinst zimbabwe. shakib al hasan took 5 wicket in the first innings of zimbabwe and then 137 runs in the first innings of bangladesh and then zimbabwe's second. he also took 5 wickets in his innings. thus due to the superb performance of shakib al hasan bangladesh team defeated zimbabwe in this match. 

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