12 million won lottery,

[14/2, 8:06 PM] Mohammad Naeem: He said in a very nervous voice, "I have not received the money yet. The bank has not told me when the money will come." You can hear these words from the mouth of any person who is waiting for some money in his account. But, there is no talk of any small amount here. It is being talked about for the entire seven crore 20 lakh rupees. 58-year-old Perunnan Rajan, who lives in the Coonoor district of Kerala, is waiting for the same amount to come into his account. Rajan, a laborer in the fields, bought a ticket for the Kerala government's lottery scheme and won 12 crore rupees in the Christmas lottery. After the tax cut, they will get Rs 7.20 crore. Rajan is so excited after winning such a huge amount that he is unable to remember even the loan taken from the bank properly. [14/2, 8:07 PM] Mohammad Naeem: Talking to Rajan says, "One bank has five lakhs outstanding. There is another loan as well. I have not yet paid any loan, but I will pa y the loan first." First of all, you will repay the loan When we asked Rajan what he would do with these money, he said, "I have not given any thought yet. First of all I want to repay the loan. After that I will think what I have to do with this money." Rajan works in the fields in Tholambra area of ​​Malur. It is a tribal area. Regarding the moments after the lottery, Rajan explains, "When we came to know that my lottery was in place, we were all very happy. First of all, we went to the bank to confirm whether our lottery was really installed. " Rajan along with his wife Rajni, daughter Akshara and son Rizil also went to the bank. [14/2, 8:08 PM] Mohammad Naeem: Rajan has an account with a local co-operative bank. He deposited the lottery ticket in the same bank. From there, he was asked to go to the Co-operative branch of Coonoor district. When we talked to Rajan, he was going to Coonoor branch only. Used to buy five tickets every day Damodaran K. Secretary, Tholambra Service Co-operative Society Bank Explains, "When he came to us, he did not look very baffled, but some were nervous. We know him well. He comes here regularly. Have taken agricultural loan and another loan of Rs 25,000. They always come here to pay interest money, but the original amount is still paid. " Rajan says that he used to buy five tickets every day in the hope of winning a huge amount. Now it seems that all his austerities became successful. Despite winning a sum of Rs 500 thrice, Rajan continued to spend a part of his daily wages on lottery tickets for many years. In Kerala, laborers in the fields get a daily wage of Rs 800. Rajan's wife Rajni works in neighboring houses. He taught his sons and daughters up to graduation. Their elder daughter has settled elsewhere after getting married. Younger daughter Akshara studies in high school. Son Rijil works daily in the fields with Rajan.

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