10 Ways Motivate Yourself

 Top 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Everyone wants to stay motivated in life. But due to some tough situations, we tend to give up our goals and get demotivated. We cannot think of any solution that can get us to the positive side again.Here are some of the ways through which you can keep yourself motivated throughout.

1) Do your exercise on a regular basis

If you start your day with positivity, you would remain motivated throughout the day. The best way to get positivity is to do exercise. Exercise of at least 45 minutes gives you the initial boost because of the chemicals released in brain called endorphins. Experts advise to exercise not more than 1 hour. Because excessive exercise can make the positive effects negative. So, to motivate yourself at the beginning of the day, moderate exercise is the best option.

2) Focus on the Positive Side of Everything

Have you ever noticed that we always like to be with people who talks about positive things in life. That does not mean that they do not face any hurdle in life, they do but they look at that hindrance as an opportunity to test their capabilities to overcome such a difficult situation. Positive mindset even in difficult situations, is what keeps us motivated all through the journey.

3) Do not Fear Your Failures

Everyone knows the saying that " failures are the pillars of success", but the irony is that when we face any setback in life, we tend ro forget these words. Whoever tries something for the first time definitely fails, you just have to keep on trying that task with patience and hard work which will definitely pay you off someday.

4) Compare Yourself With Only Yourself

God has been very kind to everyone, He has made every creature on this planet with different attributes. Human being is not an exception in that. Every human being possesses some unique quality given by God. And to comparing one human being to another is to ignore the diverse wonderful creation of God. You cannot judge a fish by its inability to climb the tree because God has made it to swim in its own beauty. So try to focus on yourself and try to become a better version of yourself ( not others) every moment.

5) Make Use of Your Creativity

We should always see something not how others see it , but how we see it. From our own perspective we should see the thing. We should try to get new imaginative ideas into reality. Before electric bulb was invented, no one could think beyond candles. But Thomas Edison is the person who could think creatively, who could imagine a new way of giving light to the world, and made it a reality and bulb was invented. The creativity will give birth to new things in this world. This creativity can excite us and motivate us to think about new things and putting it into reality.

6) Always Try to Think Out of the Box

From the very childhood, we are taught to think as per the rules of the society. So our perception of something becomes one-sided. We cannot look at something from various angles. Thus we lose the capability of seeing things differently. We should see things beyond the conventional perspective, only then we can find unique things even in common objects.

7) Always Surround Yourself With Inspiring People

If you find yourself amidst the people who are superior to you, then it is not a disadvantage for you, neither a matter of shame , rather you are lucky in that case. It is an opportunity that you get to learn so many things from them at every moment of your life, which might not have been possible with people who are inferior to you. This delightful environment will always motivate you to learn new things and become a more competent version of yourself.

8) Do not Give Excuses

Excuses are the biggest enemies towards the path of success. When you start give excuses to others, that you cannot do these things because of some reason, internally you start believing those lame excuses to be true, which would pull you back from your goals. So never give excuses and work upon it immediately, the next path will be easier for you.

9) Remember Your Achievements

Whenever you feel inferior that you cannot do anything big, just take your mind to the previous chapters of life and cherish the small achievements you have got in your life. Small achievements make up the path to the big one. That will help you get back to the motivated state again.

10) Accept the Change in Everything

We all know change is the only constant thing in this universe. Everything changes in nature with time. As human being is part of nature , it also changes. When we see people around us are changing, we tend to fear and yearn to get back the old version of them. We sometimes feel insecure by the change. But everything happens for something good, so we should accept the changes and act accordingly. When you change with time inwardly you tend to grow faster and become improved version of yourself. The moment you stop adapting to the changes you stop growing. So accept the changes positively, you would definitely create a motivating mindset in you.

                          These are some of the ways with which you can motivate yourself and move forward in life.

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