10 underrated horror movies to watch on Halloween

Since my favorite genres of horror, when I see a good horror movie, then it must be seen. And at night, I heard a horror movie headphone are very excited and scared. Here is the top 10 horror movie-

1. Lake Mongo (Australia, 2006)

Director: Joel Anderson The protagonist of this Australian horror is Alice Palmer, who drowned at the age of 15. The story begins when Alice's younger brother Matthew gets to see his dead sister in different places at different times. Some old mobile videos recorded by Alice show her own ghost chasing her back. This film by Joel is made in a documentary style with such a story. The makers of 'The Ring' are all set for a Hollywood remake of the film.



2. The Orphanage (Spain / Mexico, 2006)

Director: J.A. Bayona One of the producers of Bayona's first film is Mexican cinema legend Guillermo del Taro. Del Taro agreed to produce the film at the request of his friend Bayona. The story is about Laura, her husband Carlos and their adopted child Simon. Laura buys her childhood orphanage to be renovated. But the trouble started there when Simon befriended the masked Thomas and one day got lost from the house. A remake of the critically and commercially successful film has also been made in Hollywood.



3. Sleep Tight (Spain, 2011)

Director: Zami Balaguero The story of this Spanish horror film is about the apartment building caretaker Caesar. Whose sole purpose in life is to harm people. Caesar turned the life of a girl named Clara into hell. When Clara's boyfriend Marcos gets into the story, all the exciting things happen. According to many critics, a good night's sleep may be forbidden after seeing this picture of Balaguero.



4. Mortars (France / Canada, 2006)

Director: Pascal Logier Those with New French extremism Familiar they know how this particular genre emphasizes issues like social taboos, violence and sex. The story of this horror film of the same genre shows two friends - Lucy and Anna, who were kidnapped and tortured as children. Fifteen years later they are ready to take his revenge but rediscover those against whom they fight. Hollywood has also started thinking of a new remake of the film.



5. Julia’s Eyes (Spain, 2010)

Director: Guillaume Morales Guillermo del Taro will be the first of the three pictures in the list. The story of this film produced by him will see Julia, whose eyesight is slowly decreasing. Julia has to face many unintended consequences in her search for the cause of the untimely death of her blind twin sister Sara. Many ghostly things including death happen around him. This picture of Morales is nominated as ‘94% Fresh’ by the Rotten Tomatoes site.



6. Twenty-Eight Days Letter (Britain, 2002)

Director: Danny Boyle This is a picture of Boyle, the pioneer of a new genre of making movies with zombies. The story goes that a deadly virus has spread all over Britain. After 28 days, only a handful of people were found to be alive. They begin to realize that the virus alone is not the only threat to them. A sequel to the film, Twenty Weeks Letter, was also released in 2006. The film was also featured in Empire Magazine's 2007 list of the Five Hundred Greatest Movies of All Time.



7. The Descent (Britain, 2005)

Director: Neil Marshall ‘The Descent’ is at the top of all the recent horror film watch lists. After a tragic accident, six friends meet on an adventure to discover an ancient cave. Trouble ensues when the rocks collapse and the cave closes and they realize there is someone else inside the cave beside them. They got acquainted with some cannibalistic humanoids. According to the New York Times, this is the best horror film of the last few years.



8. Let the Right One In (Sweden, 2006)

Director: Thomas Alfredson Swedish This classic romantic horror film has been discussed and delighted all over the world beyond the borders of Europe. There has also been a remake in Hollywood called 'Let Me In'. The film, based on the novel by Swedish novelist John Avid Lindvist, dates back to the 1970s, when the story revolved around a friendship with 12-year-old Oscar and a vampire Eli, his peers. Because of being a vampire Eli has a lot to do, starting with staying away from daylight. Oscar wants to help him in many ways and that's how things go. The late critic Roger Ebert compared the film to classics such as Nosferatu and Nosferatu the Vampire.



9. The Devil's Backbone (Spain / Mexico, 2001)

Director: Guillermo del Taro Although the film was directed and produced by Del Taro in the context of the Spanish Civil War, Pedro Almodোvar is one of the producers. The story of 1939 is about ten-year-old Carlos. Incidentally his refuge is in an orphanage; Where he meets friendly characters like Carmen and Caceres, there is a furious caretaker named Jacinto and a supernatural spirit who frightens everyone. All in all, this picture of Del Taro seems to be a much more humane idea.



10. The Others (United States / France / Spain / Italy, 2001)

Director: Alejandro Amenebar It tops the list of the most commercially successful horror films of all time. The protagonist of this great film starring Nicole Kidman is a Catholic mother who lives with her son and daughter in a remote British country house when World War II is just over. Both children have a special illness that prevents them from going out in the sun. All the horrible things have been happening since the three newcomers came home, somewhat like strangers.


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