10 Times We Thought We Had Found Proof of Aliens


Are we alone in the universe? Ever since humanity discovered the existence of other planets and solar systems, we have been thinking of a day when another intelligent species will approach us.


    The International SETI Science Project and amateur court astronomers have instructed their telescopes to locate a spacecraft sent by foreign civilizations. The search for evidence of extraterrestrial life is so ingrained in our minds that it has linked countless eyewitnesses to strange flying objects and other strange phenomena. There have been many times when scientists believe they have found signs of supernatural intelligence, just to see if the findings were different, from pulsars to microwave leaks.

    Some definitive explanations for the transmission of electromagnetic waves and the strange scenes have never been found. From real scientific speculations to the most famous weird UFO theories, here are 10 signs of supernatural life that have either become false alarms or have no official explanation.


    10. Martian canals

    One of the misconceptions of astronomy in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was the existence of channels on the surface of Mars.

    [1] Some astronomers concluded that the only explanation for these canals was that they were created for irrigation by an intelligent species. The American astronomer Percival Lowell published a trilogy of books explaining his theory of intelligent channel design, and the press spread the idea to the public.


    The debate about the existence of structures and life on Mars began in the early 20th century when technological advances disproved the entire concept of channels. The channels were just an optical illusion due to the time-darkened telescope and the tendency to connect dots in lines.


    9. HD signal 164595


    HD 164595, a star like our Sun, made headlines in 2016 when it was discovered that in 2015, a potential strange signal was being transmitted from its direction.


    [2] The star orbits a planet that cannot support life, but it was speculated that a planet orbiting the star might have more planets. This signal lasted two seconds and was captured only once. Because it was so small, its source was difficult. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) examined the signal to assess its possible alien origin. Seti concluded that this was likely due to interference from Earth, as it was only captured by a telescope. Its true origin was never found, but it probably came from a satellite.


    8. Kenneth Arnold

    The world is full of incredible eyewitness accounts of flying parents, but the UFO story of aviation and businessman Kenneth Arnolds is the first to be widely reported in the media. In 1947, Arnold claimed to have seen nine strange flying objects while flying in Washington state. He described them as floating on the surface of the water, and the press quickly picked up the words "flying saucer" and "flying disc" because they misunderstood Arnold's words and used flying objects. The force said that Arnold had seen Mirza.

    []] But many, including Arnold, were not satisfied with the explanation and never gave up the idea that they had seen the alien spacecraft. Later, Arnold claimed to have seen more flying saucers and wrote a book about his experiences, which became a great figure among scientists.


    7. Perytones

    For decades, the Balyan Radio Observatory in Switzerland and the Parks Radio Telescope in Australia have been capturing the eruption of tiny signals that no one can tell. It is named after the mythical hybrid creature Periton. Its frequency and group habits are similar to the behaviour of fast radio bursts (FRB), which are additional indications of unknown origin. The fast radio bursts were classified as fake messages sent by outside intelligence, so Peritone also sparked some speculation. It turned out that the signals came from near the ground, which rejected the alien theory, but their actual origin remained a mystery for years. The puzzle was finally solved in 2015 when Parks Telescope scientists discovered a world of origin instead of signs: your leaky kitchen microwave. Every time the microwave door is opened prematurely, it releases a radio pulse that resembles an FRB. Sometimes there are strong explanations for big secrets.


    6. Fast radio bursts coming from  Aliens starship

    Unknown high-speed radio bursts captured by telescopes around the world have been classified as messages from alien species, but in 2017, a couple of scientists suggested they could be of some other kind of alien origin. Manasvi Lingam and Abraham Loeb came up with the idea that a radio burst could be used to propel a highly advanced alien spacecraft into the vastness of outer space.


    []] In this theory, the FRBs that we have discovered are no messages to us, but space by-products that need to be a bit more powerful than regular fuels. To support their idea, the mathematician and Loeb have done the math, but recent discoveries that FRBs repeat themselves and come from a certain place in the sky seem less encouraging. The explosion may have been caused by neutron stars or it may have been related to a black hole.


    5. Crop Circles

    Crop cycles, also known as growing structures, are large patterns created by pressing plants into growing fields. In the last four decades, most of these structures have appeared, although the idea itself is not new. Their presence and overnight scale seem mysterious to them, and some who have examined the pattern claim that they do not have a man-made path. The foreign theories circulated because they were never endorsed by messengers, but were made public. After the incident, Chetna received extensive media coverage. Crop rotations are man-made. Some of the works of art are; Others are disciplined just to confuse the public. []] However, the UFO theory has led to the formation of crop structures that remain in some pseudoscientific belief systems despite their contradictions.


    4. Alien megastructure, around the star Tabby's

    The now-retired Kepler Space Observatory is famous for discovering Earth-like planets orbiting other stars. In 2015, civic scientists looking at data collected by Kepler saw something unusual about a star. Tubby's star, formally known as KIC 8462852, underwent some very unusual brightness changes. The stars felt irregular light fluctuations, they remained quite low. There are several theories about the origin of the phenomenon. Some astronomers have suggested that there may be alien megastructures around the star.


    The star-studded megastructure around a full-blown star, like the Dyson swarms, was first introduced into science fiction but made its way into actual scientific thought experiments. Tabby's star was of great interest to Seti, but recent studies suggest that the restraint is more likely to be moderately elaborate or natural, not dust and any fuzzy matter.


    3. Roswell UFO incident

    The Roswell incident is perhaps the most famous UFO story, and the American military and politicians commented on it decades later. In the summer of 1947, a United States Army Air Force balloon collided with a farm in New Mexico. A man named William Brazil discovered the remains and, after hearing stories about the flying tadpole, told the local sheriff that he had probably found the body of one. The sheriff called the local air force base, which issued a press release about the incident.


    He received a lot of interest until a new press release came out explaining the origin of the globe to Earth. Later, UFO investigations began interviewing alleged witnesses and releasing documents. The new theory was that foreign entities were removed from the crash site and the United States government covered up the truth about the Rosewell incident. That may sound far-fetched, but in the 2013 U.S. election, a fifth of those surveyed still believe that the Roswell incident was a UFO crash, making it one of the most respected aliens.


    2.The Little Green Men Sign

    In 1967, Jacqueline Bell, a graduate student, found a curious landmark at the Mallard Radio Astronomy Observatory in the UK. The signal was so consistent and sharp that it looked fake, but it wasn't artificial. Bell and her mentor Anthony Hewish named it LGM-1 for "Little Green Man."


    "[]] Supernatural messengers weren't the main sceptics, but they had to consider this possibility and how they would declare it to the public if they were aliens. When they found such a signal, the supernatural was rejected because it was unlikely that two different alien species would try to communicate. with them at the same time. Bell and Hewish discovered pulsars orbiting neural stars. The rays emit electromagnetic radiation, pointing at Earth at regular intervals, making them look like intelligently designed transmissions, even if it's a misnomer for aliens There was an alarm, the discovery of Pulsar was a very useful discovery for astronomers.


   1. Wow! Signals

    In 1977, Seti astronomer Jerry R. Ahiman was recently reviewing data collected by the Ohio State University "Big Year" telescope. He noticed that the binoculars took 72 seconds of a strong and bright signal. What made the signal so amazing was its frequency. The frequency range of the signal is safe, which means that no one on Earth can transmit it, so the signal did not come from Earth. At the same time, many specific frequencies can be used for communication. It would be easier for an intelligent species to choose "channels" that are easier to hear than the background radiation from the Big Bang or the frequency of quantum noise. He also closely watches the speed of the electromagnetic wave of hydrogen, the most common and easily recognizable element in the universe.


    The name of the sign is "Wow!" Ahiman wrote on a computer printout after a glowing comment. Wow! Never determined, [10] is the strongest foreign message candidate ever received.



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