10 talented children in the world of cricket


10 talented children in the world of cricket


 Friends, we all know that there are thousands of children in the world known for their talent. Some of them are Little Masters who have come to listen to cricket lectures from their mother's womb. This means that cricket is so much that childhood and study have no meaning for them. Some of them play like Virat Kohli, So some want to be Wasim Akram.

10 talented children in the world of cricket  10 talented children in the world of cricket

So come on, friends, today we will show you the ten little masters of the world of cricket. You will be amazed at their talent.

NO. 1


Friends, this child is from New Delhi, India. He is the youngest child to be seen in cricket. Its height is only three feet, and its age is only six years. His father says that when he first spoke, the first word was cricket. Its cover drive is amazing. Shayan plays with older children at an early age. You have to tell us if this child can become a superstar in the future.

NO. 2


Friends, this little Wasim Akram has the ability to swing the ball in and out. He is only six years old. And it has the germs of Wasim Akram, I mean, at such a young age. Performs excellent swing ball When Wasim Akram saw his video on social media, he was shocked And reached Chichawatni to meet him. You can watch her viral video, Which surprised everyone.

NO. 3


Friends, you may have seen this child before. His name is Luv Chauhan, and he has become very popular. The reason for this Great technique and class And also capable of power heating. He started playing cricket when he was four years old. And now, at the age of eight, he has become a proper cricketer.


This bowler's f

10 talented children in the world of cricket 10 talented children in the world of cricket

ast balls play this child easily loves to play cricket more than Study, But her mummy and daddy's thoughts are different. His dad asks him to play cricket, But his mom tells him to Study. Do you think this child should read or play cricket in the comments section?

NO. 4


Friends, if you want to see Shane Warren as a child, look at this child. This kid has more skills than Shane Warren at 6 years old. This ball Leg break, Flipper, Slider and Googly, Able to do. The cricket expert says that this child may become Shane Warren in the future. 

NO. 5


Guys, this kid hasn't gone viral, But he surprised everyone with his talent. When he won the double-wicket tournament at six, he upset everyone Because he is a street cricket kid. But he is full of talent. It follows AB and tries to play from a 360 angle. Looking at this child's talent, it seems that AB can be seen again in the coming years. 

NO. 6 


Guys, you've seen Little Warren before, But this child is also wonderful. He slapped our thinking at that moment. When a batsman 10 years older than him sat down, His fast league break made the batsman sit up again and again, and everyone went crazy over him. But did you know that this child is six years old? Be sure to mention what you have to say in the comments section.

NO. 7 


Friends, who doesn't know about this little boy? Shahid is one of the youngest children to play cricket. You may not know that this baby is only three years old. And big cricketers are also crazy about it. When Kevin Pietersen saw him, he was surprised and asked Kohli to look for him. His batting style is similar to Kohli's, and his timing is also quite good. This means that this three-year-old child can become a superstar in the future.

NO. 8


Friends, Gohar Liaqat, is from Pakistan.

He is a great batsman and is only five years old. Seeing his batting, the big cricketer has expressed their desire to meet him. They specialize in core drive and swap shorts. When her video went viral, so it caused a stir on social media. His favorite player is Babar Azam, and he wants to play like that. What you say about the child will definitely be mentioned in the comment section.


NO. 9


This little boy from India drove everyone crazy with his batting. His batting stance is excellent. What about style? When he is betting, he looks like a proper cricketer. That is, the bat brilliantly, And they have almost every short. Krishna's is only 6 years old. And cricket skills are like Sachin. Please tell us what you think about this child by commenting.

NO. 10


Friends, what would you say about this little boy? Her name is Charlie. And it has almost the same abilities as AB. At such a young age, it has mastered the core drive. And he's a great batsman. This kid is also capable of playing from 360's angle like AB. So, friends, that's all for today. Be sure to include the name of your favorite Little Boy in the comments section Inside are mountains of talent. And in the times to come, that can make a fuss.


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