10 most famous temples of Karnataka

Temple is a place where people worship God or for other religious activities. There are more than thousands of temples all over the state. But here I'm going to explain the 10 most famous temples of the state:

1. Dharmasthala Manjunatha Temple:

Dharmasthala Manjunatha Temple is situated on the bank of the river Nethravathi in Belthangady Taluk in Dakshina Kannada. Lord Shiva is the main god worshipped here. Temple has a history of 800 years; it says that Shiva linga was bought to Dharmasthala by the local person Annappa. As the name states, Dharmasthala, free food is served to Devotees every day. Temple has a large Annadana Hall, which has the capacity to serve 10000 guests per day.

The main attraction of Dharmasthala is the Lord Bahubali statue, which was carved out of a single Rock. In the month of Karthika, the temple host Laksha Deepotsava where one can see 1,00,000 oil lamps are lit. Also, Mahashivarathri and Mahamasthakabhisheka are celebrated by the temple with great devotion. Dharmasthala Temple is administered by the Jain Bunt family called Heggades.

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2. Kukke Subramanya Temple:

Lord Subramanya, the son of Lord Shiva, is the main deity of Subramanya Temple. He is worshipped as Lord of snakes. In the Skanda Purana, it is stated that after defeating  Asura forces and killing their chiefs Tharakasura and  Soorapadma, Lord Subramanya came here.

Subramanya temple is located in Kadaba thaluk in Dakshina Kannada. Forests, rivers, and mountains surround the temple. Thousands of devotees come here to perform Sevas like Sarpa Dosha, Sarpa Samskara, and Ashlesha Pooja. Nagara Panchami and Shasti are the main festivals of this temple.

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3. Kateel Durgaparemeshwari Temple:

Goddess Durga is the main deity of Kateel temple. This temple is situated on the bank of the river Nandini. This temple is located in Kateel town in Dakshina Kannada. Thousands of devotees come here to perform sevas like Annaprashana, Vidyadana, Tulabhara. Yakshagana is one of the main seva of devotees. It is performed at the request of devotees who have taken huarache to arrange a show of Yakshagana to fulfill desire and service. Navarathri is the main festival at Kateel temple.

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4. Kollur Mookambika Temple:

Kollur Mookambika temple is situated in Kodachadri hills in western ghats. It is located in Udupi District. It is said that Goddess Parvathi killed demon Kamasutra who was harassing people of that region. Later, people started worshipping goddesses and built temples for her. The main sevas include Annaprashan, Vidyadana. Navarathri festival is the main attraction of this temple.

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5. Udupi Shri Krishna Temple:

Udupi Shri Krishna temple is located in Udupi District. Lord Krishna is worshipped in this temple. It is said that Kanakadasa, a devotee of Krishna, was not allowed to enter the temple because of his lower caste. So, he would stand at the back of the temple and worship the Lord. Lord Krishna was touched by the devotion and turned his statue to the Kanakadasa's side. Even today, the idol can be seen through from an outer window called Kanakana Kindi. Krishna Janma Ashtami is the main festival of Krishna Temple. Management of the temple is taken care of by Ashta Mathas, who are Palomar,puthige, Kaniyoor, Pejavara, Krishnapur, Adamaru, Sodhi, Shirur.

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6.Murudeshwara Temple:

Murudeshwara Temple is located in Bhatkal Taluk in Uttar Kannada district. Temple is built on the hill of Kanduka. The main attraction of this temple is the Shiva statue, which is the world's second tallest statue. Temple has 20 storied Gopura called Raja Gopura. The lift has been installed within the temple for devotees to Raja Gopura to enjoy the Tallest Shiva Statue's view. The Arabian sea surrounds the temple from three sides. Maha Shivaratri is the major festival of this temple.

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7. Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple:

Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple is located on the bank of Bhadra in Chikmaglur District. Annapoorneshwari Devi is worshipped as the god of food; devotees are offered free food and shelter within the temple premises. This temple's main festival is Akshaya Tritiya; this day is considered the birth date of Devi. It is believed sage Agasthya builds that temple.

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8.Anegudde Siddhi Vinayaka Temple:

Anegudde Siddhi Vinayaka temple is located in Kundapura Taluk in Udupi District. Anegudde means elephant hill in the Kannada language; as the name specifies, it is located on the hill's top. Lord Ganesha is worshipped in this temple. Ganesha Chathurthi is the famous festival of this temple. Anegudde is one of the seven Mukthi Sthala's of Karnataka.

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9. Sirsi Marikamba Temple:

Sirsi Marikamba Temple is located in Sirsi in Uttara Kannada District; goddess Durga is worshipped here. Sirsi Marikamba Jaathre is held once in two years is one of the state's famous and biggest fairs. Devotees from all over India participate in the procession.

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10.Melukote Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple:

Cheluvanarayana Swamy is one of the holy and sacred pilgrimages of south India. Cheluvanarayana Swamy temple is located in Mandya district; Lord Vishnu has worshipped her. The temple is built by rocky hills that overlook the valley of river Kaveri. Vairamudi Utsava is a famous father conducted every year.

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