10 Interesting Facts about New York

New York City is a big city with a million stories and a thousand exciting facts. Twenty-six thousand people inhabit every square mile of the town, and not many people in or outside the city know this fact.

Next, we give you ten interesting facts about New York here. You might already have not heard some of the New York facts on the following list.

New Amsterdam Map - Fact 1

A Dutch Explorer bought the whole area of Manhattan Island from the Algonquin tribe for mere US$24 in the form of trinkets and tools. He named the Island New Amsterdam afterward.

Eugenius Harvey Outerbridge - Fact 2

New York City is the biggest city in the US, and it became the US's US capital started from 1789 until 1790. Eugenius Harvey Outerbridge is the fist leader of New York and to honor his contribution to a bridge that connects Staten Island and New Jersey has named The Outerbridge crossing.

Eugenius Harvey Outerbridge - Fact 3

Every day, average New Yorkers spend forty minutes to reach their workplace. At home, 47% of New Yorker'sYorker's children speak other than English. Thousand New Yorkers regularly visit New York'sYork's Central Park to the sport, and the size of the park is more significant than the princedom Monaco.

New York Map - Fact 4

New York City administers five boroughs: Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and Manhattan, and the city'scity's council hosts 51 members from different legislative towns.

New York Apartment - Fact 5

Since the last quarter of 2019, the average price of one apartment in Manhattan has risen to US$ 1.49 million per unit. One of the significant factors of the rising is 790,000 operating companies in the city.

Taxicab New York - Fact 6: John Hertz, the founder of New York'sYork's Yellow cabs, decided to pick Yellow as the primary color for his taxi'staxi's armada. If he picked another color, he might not have 12,700 yellow cabs and more right now.

Federal Reserve Bank Of Wall Street - Fact 7

Federal Reserve Bank of Wall Street saves 25% of all gold reserves in the world. The bank hosts all those gold reserves inside a giant vault 80 feet below the grown. Unearthed those gold illegally are almost impossible. 

Profit Made By Travel And Tourism In New York - Fact 8

Forty-six million domestic and international tourists visited New York in 2019, and they made the city US$ 28 billion richer than a year before.

Hollywood Film Making Hub - Fact 9

New York's York City has become a set of 250 films and 40,000 video shoots and films yearly.

New York Houses & Population - Fact 10

New York City is the house of 19,378,102 people, according to census 2019. The number is continuously growing every year, and this is our last New York facts we can give to you.

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