"10 Best Online Jobs from Home"

"10 Best Online Jobs From Home."

1.Create A blog.

To create a blog on internet is one of the best work doing from home.Blog is type of such a website that deals mainly with written content.Blogging is to write content by considering your own perspective and directly contact with your readers. To create a blog, there is no need to be an expert, you can make blog of anything without reading any book, like as cooking blog etc.You can easily earn money by sharing your stories,publishing your bussiness and by any way you like.

You can create a blog within 10 minutes by following steps;

  • Choose a Blog name.
  • Register your Blog and get hosting.
  • Customize your Blog.
  • Type and Publish your first post.
  • Promote your Blog around your friends and family.
  • Make money Blogging to monetize your blog.

2. Write an article.

Now a days, to write articles is becoming very popular. People like to write articles on different topics of their taste. It is a very simple way to make money by sitting in Home.

To write an impressive article,you should keep in mind the following steps;

  • Select an eye catching topic.
  • Express your ideas.
  • Use bullets points.
  • Research.
  • Try to keep it short,specific and imformative.

Read,revise and repeat.

3. Sell items on Amazon.

Amazon is the biggest platform to earn money simply by selling your items.To sell your items by sitting in home is the best and very easy way to earn money online.

4. Create Busines Facebook Page.

Facebook users are increasing rapidly day by day. It is the best platform to earn money by creating business facebook page. By this platform,many people are earning money.You can create page of your choice.You can even make money by Facebook ads.

5.Create a Youtube Channel.

Youtube is the most prefered source to earn money online. You can create a youtube channel by uploading videos on topics of your taste.People like to see informative,funny,amazing,foodie videos.

You should consider following steps;

  • Find keywords.
  • Create video Optimized for "Watch Time".
  • Optimize your videos.
  • Provide Thumbnails.
  • Promote your videos.
  • Turn viewers to subscribers.
  • Try to rank your videos in google search.

6. Teach English online from home.

Online teaching is getting very common now a days. If you're good in English then you can easily teach people online from home.Not only English even you can teach any other Subject.You can easily earn money $14 to $22 per hour.

7. Earn money from Pinterest.

You can easily earn money from the platform of Pinterest.It is very simple way to make money online.

Consider following steps;

  • Design images.
  • Help business owners to boost up their accounts.
  • Schedule pins.
  • Creat marketing plan.

8. Write your eBook.

You can make money online by writing your own eBook.You can write on any topic that people like to read.You can make money like $200 per day from your book.

9. Make an online store.

By making an online store,you can earn money.One who has no experience can make online store where one can sell anything.This is the best way to earn money online from home.


You can work as a freelancer by doing work for other as a part time job to earn money.They assign you different tasks like as data entry,logo design,video editing,article writing etc.





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