10 Best AdSense Approval Tricks

Top 10 AdSense Approval Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Best Adsense Approval Tricks

Millions of bloggers monetize their sites using Google AdSense. AdSense approval is, however, difficult these days. Google has stringent rules in place, and as a publisher, you must adhere to all of them to be approved for AdSense. I discovered something new about the Google AdSense approval process after every rejection. So, in this post, I'll go through some of the STEPS that I took to get Google AdSense approval, and I sincerely believe that if you follow these steps, you too can get Google AdSense approval quickly.




 1.Choosing the Right Blogger Template

Choosing the right blogger template is crucial to getting AdSense approval. I recommend that you use SEO-friendly Blogger templates. Simply type in 'Free SEO Blogger templates' into Google. The versions that are available for free can be used.



2.Remove all Widgets that aren't needed from your website

Use a limited number of widgets on your website. Maintain a simple and CLEAN look. Your sidebar should have a professional appearance.



3. Disable Google+ on your site

Blogger templates include social sharing buttons for Facebook, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Google Plus, and other platforms. However, as you are aware, Google Plus has been discontinued, so you will need to remove the Google Plus Sharing widget from your website.



4. Generate privacy policies, contact Us , and terms and conditions pages

Google has stated that you must have a Contact us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, and About Us page on your website. You will not be approved for AdSense without these pages. So, go ahead and make those pages for your website. Those pages are very simple to make. You can copy these pages from another website if you don't want to make them yourself. Don't worry, you won't face any copyright issues as a result of it.



5. Create content that is at least 80% unique

The content is important. It is your original content that will aid in AdSense approval. But don't worry, you won't need to write a completely original article to get AdSense approval. Google allows 20% of content that is copyrighted or plagiarized.



6. Write at least 500-word articles

Many people will tell you that in order to get AdSense approval, you must write articles of at least 1000 to 2000 words. I'd like you to disregard them. To get AdSense approval, you don't need to write a 1000-2000 word article. AdSense approval requires only 500 words. I'm not implying that you shouldn't write lengthy articles. If you are a good writer, go for it.



7. Before applying for AdSense, write at least 20 articles

On the previous point, I stated that a 500-word article is sufficient for AdSense approval. I told you so because you can write 20 articles in a short period of time if you write short articles.



8.Review the 404 Error and the Broken Link

Google AdSense policy states that your website should not have any bottoms, links, pages, or anything else that leads to no results or errors. As a result, checking for 404 errors is critical.



9.Make Use Of Pictures

Images are critical not only for AdSense approval but also for on-page SEO on your website. However, the most shocking aspect of this is that if you open any article from your website on your computer without using images, the URL will be marked as unsafe. Your readers will never visit your site if you are unable to provide a secure connection.



10.Add your site to the Google Search Console

Submitting your website to Google Search Console is a must. Google search console indexes your site's URL in Google, which helps you rank higher in Google search results. If you don't submit your site to Google Search Console, AdSense will reject your request for approval, claiming that your site is empty.

So that's all there is to it when it comes to Adsense approval strategies. I hope you found it enjoyable.


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